All day with Ryno!

March 26th, 2005

With my alarm clock buzzing I got up and headed to the coroners office for the meeting. We went over the last few cases and we looked over the autopsy shots from the murder that happened a few weeks ago. It was interesting to see the bullet path and the damage to the brain.
Following the meeting I went into the SO and printed off a few things for my softball team and checked my E-mail. The plan for the day was to hang out with Peter like we had planned. I called him around noon and let him know I was free and to give me a call when he was available. I sat around the house for a while relaxing.

Then I decided to go to my office and get some stuff on the computer done. I had a few thousand E-mail messages I had to sort. I spent a lot of time doing that. I hate paying first step internet for spam service and still getting as much spam as I do. It is horrible.

It was getting later. I was going to get a pizza from Little Caesars. When I was there I called Ryan. He said he was at Blockbuster. So I went in there and found him. We rented a movie called Blackball. It was about a young guy who breaks into the British Bowls scene that is dominated by old high-class people. It is by National Lampoon. It was okay, but I understand why it never had a huge following. Ryan has a membership at Blockbuster where he can rent as many movies as he wants for a flat fee.

We went back to Blockbuster and got Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. I also bought a couple movies that were on sale. I got Saw, Anchoman, and two other movies. We grabbed a pizza from Little Caesars this time through. I was still waiting for a call from Peter but none were coming and by now it was after five pm.

We started to watch Harold and Kumar when I got a call from Ben. He was going to have a poker game and wanted to know if Ryan and I wanted to come. I did but Ryan didn’t. I didn’t want to leave Ryan, but I wanted to go. I tried to get him to go but he was refusing. He is like a bump on the log. If he does not *think* he will have fun he will not do it. It limits some of the things we can do together. So after much coaxing I got him to go. I was surprised because normally he will not change his mind about that stuff.

So we stopped the movie where it was and went to Bens. We were only going to be there for a couple hours. It turned into about four hours. We started by playing tournament style Texas Hold’em. Then when enough people were eliminated we played Apples to Apples. It is a real fun card game I had never heard of until tonight. Ben also got Ryan and I in the helmet club. When I get a copy of the pic I will post it. It is terrible!

After the tournament was over we started to play four-five-six. I played that for a few hours. Everyone was really liking the game. At one point Ben was up more then twenty bucks. I did a twenty dollar bet. Ben “aced-away”. His girlfriend got really mad. We joked about Ben sleeping on the couch because of that.

Later on Ryan and I left and finished watching Harold and Kumar. I laughed a whole bunch more. I took off after the movie and went home. I watched TV for a while before finally finding my way to bed.

As it turns out Peter never called. I am glad I did not sit around waiting for him to call me. It seems that he is really flaky. I am not sure what the issue is with him, but I have to believe there is still something there.

Sleepin in.

March 13th, 2005

I woke up on the couch where I had fallen asleep watching TV. So I went into my bedroom and went back to sleep. I was there for a few hours when a phone call from Ben came in. He was seeing what I was doing. It was just after noon. I had been sleeping. He teased me about still being in bed. He wanted to go golfing, but I realized that it would not be the best thing to do with my ankle. I wanted it to rest some more.

I got the checks made out for my home repairs and posted so the realtor can come and get them when he stops by the house.

I went to Rosauers and got some lunch and then to the Sheriff’s Office. I checked for some stuff in the coroners office that Pete said should be there. It was not. So I went into report writing. I got on a computer and check my E-mail. Dan was there and I helped him with a few things. We talked about stuff in general and he showed me some pics from his recent trip to Disneyland.

I left after a while and went to the fire station. Tim was working for Jenny and Dale was working for the PD. We were in the rec room at the fire station watching some TV and talking about what we were watching. It was a show about crime. The show went to someone’s house and asked the home owner if they could break into the house and steal stuff and then show the home owner why their house was a target and how to make the house more secure. It is pretty interesting to see the peoples’ reactions. I figure it will not be long before someone does a copy cat type crime and claims to be the show, but in fact not be the show and then steal stuff for real.

The show also gave me some ideas for making stuff more safe. One dealt with deadbolts and one dealt with bars on windows. I honestly think they could be something that people would be willing to buy. They would not make the house any more secure then the bars and current deadbolts, but it would make it more attractive for someone to get them and use them because it would be more user friendly and safer to use.

At seven o’clock was closing in I got some dinner and want home. I watched my Sunday night TV shows including the new “The Sketch Show”. There some really funny skits in it. I will continue to watch that show for sure.