Hanging out with Ben

March 12th, 2005

I got a call from Ben to start out my morning. We planning on meeting up and doing a short golf lesson and hitting the a bucket of balls. I met Ben at the golf course I paid my fees and bought a bucket of balls. I pulled out the seven iron and he started by telling me a lot of things about stance, holding the club, and the swing.

After getting through the bucket of balls my back was really hurting, but I was ready to get going. Ben’s friend showed up and we started with our three-some. After the first hole there was a solo golfer behind us. We invited that guy to join us. He did so for the rest of the way we had a four-some. I was not having the best of days but I was holding my own. Ben would give me some instruction on the course when certain situations came up. He taught me how to get out of a sandtrap. After we were done with the round of golf Ben and I decided to go to the WSU baseball game that was underway.

We went inside and saw Mark from our softball team. We sat behind home plate a few rows back. The score was seven to zero in the first inning. The Cougs were doing well. But while we were there we only saw good pitching, with no offense to speak of. Towards the middle of the game Ben asked if I wanted to go to his place and get something to eat real fast then come back.

So we drove to Ben’s and I had a beer and a TV dinner. We started to watch some of the Best of Will Ferrell. As we got into it Ben said we would go back to the game at three pm. So we left and walked back into the stadium. We got our seat. Started to get into the game. A guy from the other team hit into a double play and the game was over. We sort of laughed about the fact we came back for one more play.

We went back to Ben’s apartment. We were going to watch a couple movies. When I got there he had the idea to hit the softball for a while. So we went to the playfields and hit the ball about thirty times each. Then we went back to Ben’s apartment. We watched Caddyshack and Anchorman. I had never seen either of those movies. I was laughing so hard during them. Ben made a couple bags of popcorn. I could not believe how funny those movies were.

I talked to Ryan and we decided to go to dinner at Applebee’s in Moscow. So Ben and I rushed over there. We sat down and ate. JT was our waiter. He gave us all free pop. That was nice of him. After we finished eating we decided to hit the bars in Pullman. Ryan was the one who really wanted to go. So Ben got his car and drove us to My Office. We got on the trivia and I had one more beer. We played trivia until about two in the morning. Ben offered me a place to stay for the night, but I decided to head back to Colfax and sleep there.

Today was a blast. I have not had a day like this for a while. Just being busy doing fun stuff, one thing after another. And on top of that getting a chance to hang out with Ben so long without other people around. It was just a wonderful day.

Finally! The box is working!

March 10th, 2005

So the build is working. I got my box built and everything was working. The VI I had been assigned was rolled back and there was still something with reporting of application exports I needed to do. The DBA got the code I needed to add for the most part. All I needed to do was put it into the Webpage and make it work. There were a few things I had to fix, plus there was some data I had to figure out how to link to the SQL statements. Once I got that complete it all worked and life was good. I was able to check in my changes and move on with life.

When that was done the day was almost at an end. So I went home and watched some TV. Joe had sent me an E-mail about a new product to add to the database. I was going to try to get some other stuff done with the site, but by the time dinner was done I wanted to watch CSI. So I was watching that while the Cougs were playing Stanford in the Pac-Ten tournament. I was flipping back and forth. Then the game was down to the final minutes. The TV shows I like were done. Ryan called me and we watched the game together.

With less than ten seconds the Cougs were driving they had one last shot at the buzzer and it fell short. The Cougs lost by two and were knocked out of the tournament. It was disappointing, but the Cougs had a decent year and it will look better next year.

I got Joe’s addition made to the Website and I did not work on the other admin stuff. I was getting tired so I went to my bedroom I watched some TV before I decided to go to sleep.