First Citizen Rider

April 9th, 2010

This evening I was going to have my first citizen rider. I am very excited about that. I went out on the road around three in the afternoon. I did an hour in Albion. Then I picked up my rider. We went to McDonald’s for dinner with Matt K. and Shane. After dinner we went through Albion again. We talked to K. Stew about a couple Intern related things and K. Stew encouraged me to apply for the WSU police job. I had put in my application already. I spent a couple hours working on that.

We went to the SO and I washed my car. Then we headed out SR Twenty-Six. I got someone doing nineteen over just outside of town. I stopped the car and smelled drugs. So I ended up getting an arrest. We then hit a lot of county roads going through some smaller town. I got a call for service around midnight for a welfare check.

When I was headed to drop Eric off at his house we saw Rick. He asked us to come and help bring the Peace Keeper to Pullman. Some stuff happened up there that caused the cops some concern that it could get out of hand. So they figured having it close to Pullman would be a good thing. I got to bed around four in the morning.

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