My Office Softball

June 30th, 2010

My Office has spent most of the month winning softball games.  This team is set to break a bunch of offensive records for My Office.  We are even going to break some from the ought-three team which was nearly unstopable.  

Through out the month there have been different people stepping up and making the big hits or big defensive plays.  Million was pretty much a top player each and every night. 

There are only four single-game team records.  They all fell on the Twenty-Ninth.  It was an incredible night.  We scored thirty-six runs, twenty of which came in one inning.  It was crazy. 

As a team we are eight-and-one by the end of June and I was batting six-fifteen at the end of June.  On the softball field things are doing well.

Family Reunion in North Dakota

June 14th, 2010

There were not a lot of posts for the month fo June.  Looking back I don’t even know what all the issues were, but I wanted to get caught up on the month.

I went on a trip to North Dakota for a couple days.  Jon and I met up in Salt Lake City and flew into North Dakota.  We were there for a family reunion.  We started the night by going out to dinner as a large group.  Jon and I checked into our hotel room and spent a lot of time with Grandma Anderson.  We played card games and just hung around talking.  Larry, Dale, and Karen were all there.  On Saturday we went to Makoti for the actual family reunion.  We saw the place where grandma and grandpa Anderson grew up.  Makoti is a small town in North Dakota a ways from Minot.

While there Jon and I saw our uncle Wayne and cousin Tom and Sheila.  One night we went to a couple of bars with them.  It was great to see the family.  We went to the Mouse River where Tom has a place where he stays on weekends.

After we were done there we went to some races.  The track in Minot was under re-construction.  We had to drive to another town.  Sitting in the stands there was a ten-six-seven sitting next to me.  He had the most piercing blue eyes.  I could not stop looking his way.  I cannot believe I wasn’t caught watching him.  His eyes were absolutely incredible.  Just incredible blue.

I had a great tim seeing family in North Dakota.

Good Day on the Course

June 6th, 2010

I played golf this morning with Ron, Joe, and Mitz. Ron and I were on one team. The team who got the best score on a hole won that hole. There were no hold-over holes, so you only earn one point per hole, if someone won it. Ron and I ended up winning by one or two.

My drives were going great. I had several great chip shots as well. I only had one bad drive the whole day. I was only doing about seventy percent swings and it made all the difference in the world. I had a great round. We finished up around two and I went home and relaxed for a while. I was going to meet the guys at Zeppoz before this evening’s softball game. Cougar Country is playing Zeppoz.

I went to Zeppoz about two hours before game time. I had some pop and chatted with everyone up there. We headed down to the City Playfields about thirty minutes before game time.

We scored the first two innings holding them from scoring. But then they scored five to go up by two runs. They tacked one more here and there. We tacked a couple runs on. But we ended up losing by one run again. In games with the other two A-League teams we lost by one run. We just need a couple timely hits.

Following the game I went to Cougar Country for dinner and home to watch my Sunday night TV shows.

Grand Slam!

June 5th, 2010

This morning Kevin and I headed down to Lewiston for a softball tournament. It was a one pitch tournament where you started out with a three-two count with no foul balls. There was a mat, that if the ball it it or the plate, it is a strike. It was all about swinging at anything close.

In the second game we were doing well. The bases were loaded. I came to the plate and saw a good pitch. I swung and it came off the bat well. Before I knew it the ball was flying over the fence in left-center field. It was a grand slam! That felt good to poke one out.

One thing about being the catcher while playing softball is that I get a chance to sometimes chat with people from the other team and if there is a ten-six-seven I am able to get a closer look. Plus I really get a chance to see how people set up in the box and how they hit. It is interesting all the different styles people employ while hitting.