Grand Slam!

June 5th, 2010

This morning Kevin and I headed down to Lewiston for a softball tournament. It was a one pitch tournament where you started out with a three-two count with no foul balls. There was a mat, that if the ball it it or the plate, it is a strike. It was all about swinging at anything close.

In the second game we were doing well. The bases were loaded. I came to the plate and saw a good pitch. I swung and it came off the bat well. Before I knew it the ball was flying over the fence in left-center field. It was a grand slam! That felt good to poke one out.

One thing about being the catcher while playing softball is that I get a chance to sometimes chat with people from the other team and if there is a ten-six-seven I am able to get a closer look. Plus I really get a chance to see how people set up in the box and how they hit. It is interesting all the different styles people employ while hitting.

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