A Night With Gunnar

May 31st, 2009

Today was day two of the softball tournament. We played on game and were sent packing. We didn’t really hit the ball well and several of the players we had didn’t came back the second day for various reasons. It was this tournament that made me decide not to spearhead any more tournaments. It was took much work to call people over and over to find people to play. I am then questioned why we had so many people in one game. I am getting annoyed that every step along the way I am being questioned. First the question is about me not winning the toss and getting Home team. So I win the toss and get home team only to be told we should take Away from now on. Argh!

Later we had co-ed. There were five women and seven guys. So I just did the managing and let the others play. After the game I stopped by Starbucks and picked up Gunnar. We got some pizza and then went to my place. We watched the Italian Job and then watched some TV. We were together until nearly two in the morning hanging out and watching TV. We saw a lot of shows on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network that were very strange.

It was fun to hang out with Gunnar again. But I am starting to wonder already if we are right together. I am going to give it some time. I think communication is important. We talked in some E-mails about that. I think it is important that if something is bothering me that I say what it is rather than letting it boil over at some point in the future.

I keep thinking I want a boyfriend, but then when I have someone I wonder if he is right for me. I don’t know if I have dysfunctional issues of having the boyfriend or if the situation is that I just haven’t found the right guy yet. I just don’t know. At times I like the ability to have someone to call “mine”, but then other parts of me feel like it is all wrong. I don’t know if that is the part of me that doesn’t like being gay and that I want to not be gay so it ruins any chances of a relationship. I sometimes look around thinking that “if that guy was my boyfriend I would be happy”.

I Have Qualified!

May 30th, 2009

Working the fire department and dealing with the call that we did in the wee hours of the morning was tiring. I first had to give a statement to the police about what had happened. That took a little bit of time. Plus we had all the normal morning details to take care of around the station.

I went to the range for AR training. I got there as we were going over the parts of the rifle. Then we started to do some shooting from about twenty-five yards out to one-hundred yards. My ankle was hurting pretty bad so it was hard to walk around, but I did what I had to do. I first tried to qualify with the rifle. I was the first to go so I didn’t know exactly how fast we had to be moving. I did well, but I went over the time limit by about fifteen seconds. So I had to do it a second time. But this time I went faster and did fine.

We also did the same course with the pistol. The only difference is some of the targets were moved a little closer. I passed that one the first time through. I hurried off from there to the City Playfields for softball.

We were playing in a softball tournament. We lost the first game when the other team took a huge lead over us. But we scored fourteen runs in the final inning and came up two runs short of tying up the game.

We had a long break before the next game. I went home and watched some TV and rested my eyes. Matt was having a BBQ at his place and I was invited. I gave Brandon a ride so he could partake in some adult beverages.

I was able to get a hamburger before going to the softball game. We played two more. I was going to go back to Matt’s when it was done. But with as late as the last game went I never made it back to Matt’s. Brandon walked down to meet up with me at the field.

The first game we didn’t even come close. We had a fifteen run deficit after the first inning. We lost that game and went to the final game. That was one heck of a game. We lost it, but we had a lot of fun for the whole thing. Both teams were scoring and hitting the ball well. A total of sixty-two runs were scored with twelve total homeruns. I had a triple, double, then single. I wanted to go for the homerun, but I was more worried about getting a basehit because we needed to scored runs. It was more than likely the case that I would fly out and we didn’t need that to happen.

Hot Day Running Down a Smell

May 29th, 2009

We got dispatched to a gas leak at Clark Hall. We spent about an hour in the hot part of the early afternoon wearing turn-outs going up and down many flights of stairs trying to find the source of the smell. It was very hot and we were really sweating up a storm. Turned out the smell was due to a chemical being used in a lab and not by a gas leak.

That was all we had until the wee hours of the morning when the police called us for someone they were dealing with. At the hospital I was able to chat with Corey one of Pullman’s newer cops. We was involved in the case. It was the first time we have had a chance to chat for a while.

A Butt Kicking

May 28th, 2009

This evening we had softball against a team from SEL. We were supposed to have ten people there. But then one was running late, and one of the other guys on my team told the other one that we didn’t need him tonight and he could go home. By the time we were near game time there were only eight guys. I frantically called around and found someone who could play. We played with nine guys and it really sucked. My pitching was the worst I have ever seen.

Here is what I said on the My Office website about this game:

When we were putting together this season’s team we wanted to have the fewest number of players possible in order to maximize the play time for everyone. We expected a couple events would happen in the season in order to make us need a couple subs. But so far this season we rarely have played with more than 10 players.

Today’s game was no different, but today we didn’t even have 10 players. That was a big detriment to us. Playing Schweitzerweizen should not have been a close game. We have a large number of sluggers and we can put a lot of runs on the board fast. Even with our talent we tend to cycle as a team. Either everyone is clicking or we’re not.

Down a pitcher, Scotty Anderson pitched for the first time this season. But it was a terrible debut. Many pitches went for balls which racked up walks. Finally Nick Darling was brought in to pitch in the first inning, but the damage had already occurred. Down 9 runs My Office came back and put up six runs of their own. But that would be as close as My Office would get it.

Schweitzerweizen seemed to be hitting from the top to the bottom of the order. They were finding our gaps through out the outfield. With only three guys trying to cover the whole outfield, the ball was finding a lot of room to sneak in for a basehit.

We have a good defensive time, but over the last four games, twenty-five innings in all, we have allowed at least one run in twenty-two innings. All three innings without allowing a run was all in one game.

The season is not over yet, but My Office needs to start to post “W”‘s if there is to be a chance for a league championship.

Riding with Reavis

May 27th, 2009

I rode with Reavis this evening. We didn’t do as much as we have in the past. We have been known to be pretty busy running on all sorts of calls. But tonight he had to get working on some of his paperwork so we only went out for a while. We cruised around on SR Twenty-Three. We did get a call to run up to Tekoa for the sighting of someone with a warrant. But we didn’t find the person. We ran some traffic one-ninety-five. We got back to the office around ten o’clock. I got some paperwork done and then we called it a night. It was about midnight.

Batting Around

May 26th, 2009

This evening we won our first regular season softball game facing My Office Number Two. The first game against them in the pre-season was a close game. It was our first of teh season so there was some rust. This game was way different. We were hitting up and down the line. We were playing tight defense as well. We held them scoreless for the first three innings.

It felt good to just go out there and hit the ball well and play good defense.

Holiday at PFD

May 25th, 2009

Holiday’s at the fire department are not too bad. You get to work and spend the first two hours doing the normal morning duties such as checking the rigs, getting your gear on the rigs, and doing station chores. After that it is free time.

I spent some of it going through the call log and pulling out calls into the D-Twelve area. I was trying to get some stats from those calls. Later I shot hoops with the other guys on the shift. We were playing a variation of Twenty-One calls Tips. At thirteen you go back to zero. I did that several times in one game. We played two games that lasted forever because none of us are that great.

After basketball we cooked dinner. We had a guy on OT so he bought dinner for the crew and we all helped to cook. I then went to my room and spent a lot of time watching TV. I was pretty tired and I didn’t feel like getting started on any projects.

Short Day on the Road

May 24th, 2009

This morning I was scheduled to work for the county on the road. I decided I wanted a donut today, because it is Sunday. It is a free day for me. I went to Dissmores. They had maple bars with a strip of bacon on it. I use to joke everything is better with bacon. I had to try it.

I think it was maple flavored bacon too because it had a maple flavor as well. The first bite was interesting, but as I went on I liked it. It added a bit of a sweet flavor as well as a bit of another flavor that I could not put my finger on.

I got to the SO around eight in the morning. I waited for Brown to get there. He got called to an non-injury accident before he got to the SO. So I sat and waited until almost eleven. But that was okay because I was able to do some work on my FTO book. I had to get through the P&Ps; for the SO. So I pounded through the rest of them.

We hit lunch and then were called to a problem in Farmington. En route a second call came in about it. So we had two RPs to talk to and get the situation. I was able to use some interviewing skills as well as watched Dan do his thing and see how he talked to people. It was good learning.

We made a couple car stops. He asked me about the way I did my first one. He asked if I was doing it the way I was trained. I said that I was. He then told me the way the academy trained people. It was more along the lines of the way I did my first couple traffic stops which included introducing myself. So the second stop I did the way he described.

We went back to the SO and I wrote up my case from Farmington. Then I went home and got my laundry completed. I had four loads because I had some extra stuff that I was washing that didn’t have to be washed, but I wanted to. I also started to work on cleaning my closet. I haven’t done that since November because I had my old mattresses in there and it took up most of the room. With them gone now I am reclaiming my closet.

One of the things is I have too many shirts than will fit in my drawers. I am going to rearrange my set up to put some of the shirts on my built in shelves. I also spent some time watching some TV and relaxing.

Staying at Home

May 23rd, 2009

Today was a nice day, but I was in bed until around noon. I didn’t get to bed until four in the morning so I was sleeping in. I heard some radio traffic on my pager, which meant they did a second alarm. I sent Keeton a text. He said that if I want to work to call the station.

I came in and spent about four hours at the station. Keeton, Bobby, and I played some basketball. I left around six. I was going to go out, but I ended up not going out, because I was going to get up early. I spent time relaxing on the couch and watching some TV.

First Code Run with the SO

May 22nd, 2009

I had a small project for MH. I was doing a change to the E-mail parser. I had to look for E-mails from a specific account with a specific subject line. If that E-mail was found I needed to change the subject to something else. I got the code written and then tested. I sent off the DLL file to them to get installed.

Later I was working for the county on the road. I was working with Anderson. I was driving in a reserve car. We went to Tekoa to return a cooler. Following that we got called back to Tekoa just after we left for a violent person at a medical call. Turned out we were not needed.

We went to Rosalia to serve some papers. And then down to Pullman to have some dinner with Heidi and Matt. Just after dinner we were going to serve some papers in Pullman. But before we got to the first address we needed to go to Endicott for a call to back up the others there. We were going code and just passed some cars on SR One-Ninety-Five. After we got past the Albion road a burglary in progress was put out in Albion. So I had to turn around and go back to Albion. So I went code past the cars I had just passed. Turned out the call in Albion was not much of a call. I was getting ready to find someone and put my training into action. But all I was able to do was use my observation skills to come up with what had happened.

We tried to pull over some cars on One-Ninety-Five, but everyone was going slow. In many cases eight miles-per-hour under the speed limit. We went back to the office and I worked on my paperwork. I didn’t get out of the office until nearly four in the morning.

Softball Double-Header

May 21st, 2009

This is the beginning of regular season for softball. We were going to play Coors light and Kimmel. I was hitting a little under average. I had a couple strong hits and got two doubles on the night. I guess at that rate I could break the doubles record this season. That is something I have been trying to do for a while. We played very well in the first game but didn’t hit so well in the second. We dropped both games after having gone undefeated in the pre-season.

I did the write ups of the game for the My Office team website:

In the first game of the regular season My Office faced off with Coors Light. They have been the team to beat in the A-League for many years. This year will be no different. This years My Office team has great talent and hitting and has the tools needed to beat them.

In tonight’s game we would go into extra innings to decide who would be the winner. With Coors Light having the final at bat, they had two runners on when a walk-off homerun was hit to ruin My Office’s bit to beat Coors Light.

My Office at one time trailed by nine runs but was able to chip away at the lead scoring 4 runs in the 5th and 7 runs in the 6th inning to make it a 17 to 18 ball game at the end of the 6th inning. My Office scored 4 runs in the 7th inning but were not able to score any runs in the 8th inning stranding 2 runners on base.

This game had a lot of great offense and defense. Leading the way was Eric Barge who was 5 for 5 with 3 homeruns and 8 RBI. Ryan added in 4 hits with 1 homerun and 4 RBI. But it was not enough in the end.

And then game two:
After hitting the cover off the ball in the first game of this double-header, My Office was only able to muster 21 hits on our way to scoring 16 runs. Playing against Kimmel we were looking to pick up our first win of the regular season.

With an 0-2 start My Office is in goods company with teams of years past. We have done this before on our way to a great season. The team has the talent to score runs in a hurry. In the 3rd inning we posted 9 runs after hitting around. But that was the big inning for My Office. We had 5 other innings where we scored 1 run or less.

Kimmel hit the ball very well today. They were earning the runs they were scoring. In 4 of their 6 innings they scored at least 4 runs. Two of those innings they put across a total of 15 runs.

Ryan was one of the offensive bright spots going 4 for 4. Kelly had 3 hits 2 of which were homeruns. He pushed across 5 of the teams’ runs.

Call Free

May 20th, 2009

Today was call free at the fire department. With the weather getting better you expect to see some calls happen, but nothing was coming in. We did our normal things. I did some work on the SCBA Access DB that I have been working on.

We played some hoops for our workout. But that was about the extent of the day. We didn’t get any calls for service out of this station at all.

It still looks like we are on the timeline for be to go back to being a reserve in the middle of July. I have mixed feelings. I like the extra money that I have been bring in, but I also would like to be a reserve and work with those guys. But with the way they seem to get cancelled on a lot of stuff now, I don’t know how cool that would be.

EMS Week at Sunnyside

May 19th, 2009

After leaving the fire station Chia and I went to Tam’s Place for breakfast. We hung out for a while talking. We were going to work EMS Week at Sunnyside Elementary school. We were burning some time before we had to be back at the station.

We got back around nine-thirty and got our uniforms on. We took Ambulance Thirty-Two up to the school. I did my normal task of showing the outside of the ambulance. I felt really comfortable doing it and ran the kids through it.

After showing the ambulance to four groups we went to lunch with them. Then out to the playground. We played some wall ball and tag. The kids are full of energy and I was having a fun time as I always do.

This evening was fire training at Colfax. We are doing the red card refresher class. We watched the same material I got a couple weeks ago with Pullman so this was a review of the refresher stuff for me.

Following that I went to the SO to put the meeting minutes in the folder and send them out to everyone. I also saw Jordan. He was telling updating me about my Friday arrest. Like I said I am excited to see the process that happens as it goes through the justice system.

I went home and went to bed early so I could get up and go work out. I am in real need to do something as I am getting into some bad habits. I am not eating as well as I should. I need to get back into a routine. The fire department really hurts my routine, so I have to work extra hard to combat it. I have allowed the fire department and the SO to be excuses, but I cannot continue to use those excuses.

Summer Time Deadness?

May 18th, 2009

I was running in Ambulance Thirty-Two today because our two main ambulances were getting serviced. It was sort of fun to run out of it. It does have some get up and go off the line.

We ended up heading to one call, but that was the extent of the calls we ran today. We worked some hydrants.

After dinner I sat in on the new reserves’ fire training. Today was the first day and they were covering firefighter safety.

Completing the Paperwork

May 17th, 2009

This afternoon I met up with Macy and Jessie at Applebees for lunch. It was a nice afternoon meal to spend with some friends. I enthralled them with the story of my big arrest from Friday night.

Following lunch I was able to go down to the county to work on my paperwork from the big arrest. Jimmy was there to help out. It took nearly four hours total to run through all the items I needed to get typed up and the supplemental reports from Jimmy and Cooper that were needed. I put everything together and signed everything. Finally I was able to turn it in.

I don’t know what the future of this one holds. Maybe a trial. Maybe a guilty plea. Who knows. It will be interesting to see what happens as this case moves through the legal system.

An Hour of Sleep

May 16th, 2009

After working for the SO all night I had about ninety minutes to get some sleep before going into work. I figured we would burn through the rig checks and I would take a nap.

We started with breakfast. It was a simple meal of eggs and french toast. I helped to make some of it.

After the breakfast we went to the rig checks. I was in charge of one of the ambulances. I am very thorough in my rig checks so I tend to take longer than a lot of the other guys. I like to check to make sure everything thing is there and it appears to work, not just that it is there.

When they were done with their rig the other guys came to help my with my ambulance. When it was done I went to lay down for a nap. It was a nice one, but short. It was three hours into it when I got called to a medical call.

I got back to the station and stayed up until after dinner. I also stayed up until after COPS was over with. I went to bed around nine o’clock at night. I didn’t sleep straight through the night, but I didn’t get out of bed until seven in the morning.

From Morning to Night

May 15th, 2009

This morning the pager went off at just before four-thirty in the morning for a transfer to Spokane. I took the call and came in. As it turned out it was a hurry-up-and-wait thing. We were told to be at the hospital at five in the morning only to leave just after six. The trip up to Spokane went without a problem. I was working with Bob. We went to Frank’s Diner for breakfast.

The ride home always seems to take longer than the trip up to Spokane. When we got home I got the ambulance taken care of and back in service. I went home and did a couple things before taking a nap. I had only four hours of sleep between last night and this morning.

I was able to squeeze in another four hours before getting ready to work the road. I went to the SO and started to get my things ready. I was working on my FTO book when a call for service came in. The other deputies who were there told me to take it. It was a fraud call.

I was waiting for Jimmy to get to the SO. When he got there we worked on the fraud case. It turned out to be something from many years ago, and the guy was pretty much looking for some information because something else has come up. We really have nothing to do with it. We are pretty much just giving him some information.

Following the phone calls for that case we went to lunch at Subway with a couple other deputies. We were there for just over an hour eating and chatting. I was excited to get out and patrol. We started by taking a trip out to Endicott to look at a building that is for sale. It is a large shop building. After driving out there I realized it was much too far from Pullman. I saw where it was. The property looked more rough than the photos.

We went through several other small towns working our way up to Rosalia. We were going to work that part of the county. We didn’t find anything big. I did make a couple stops for poor driving and speeding. It was after one in the morning and we were driving south on One-Ninety-Five. We followed one car that turned off on rarely used road. Then we went back out to One-Ninety-Five and went North. I passed a car speeding. I turned on it and pulled the car over. Found the driver had a felony warrant. I ended up making an arrest. Due to the arrest I didn’t get out of the SO until after four-thirty in the morning. I got home and went to bed nearly six in the morning. I wasn’t going to get a lot of sleep before I would have to get up to work at the fire department.

Second Reserve Association Meeting

May 14th, 2009

This afternoon I worked on setting up a meeting at Bell Square with Ricky and Chris for a lunch. We haven’t seen each other for a while. We had dinner at the “gay sandwich” shop in the mall. That is what Ricky calls it. We talked shop and I told them about the latest at NU.

After lunch we parted ways and I worked my way back to Whitman County. We have reserve association meetings the second Thursday of the month. Tonight was the night. It is my second meeting with the association. I am the secretary. I was ready to take notes. I was at the SO about an hour early. I prepared for the meeting by getting my gun belt and changing from shorts to pants.

I went to the meeting room and took notes. It was a short meeting. We have a new coordinator. So he was going over some things with everyone. I was writing down the notes. One of the things is to do a training each month. It was taking a long time to get through the training. It was a traffic stop and we had to react to what we found. Plus there was a report that we had to write based on what we found on the stop.

More Taser Training

May 13th, 2009

I did my training for the boat patrol today. We started down at the Renton Gun Club. That was great. It is close to my moms house so I am able to get there quick. I was going to get some pop. When I went to the local store I found they had closed. That sucked. So I went to Hop In. Their pop machine was down for the morning. So I had to go all the way to Safeway. I was thinking that I was running late only to find that I was thirty minutes early.

I got to the training site and we sat around chatting for a tiny bit before getting started. We were doing most of the shooting from five to seven yards out. I was hitting the target with great accuracy. My grouping was about the size of a fist with a couple thrown rounds. I thought I was doing some good shooting.

I did really well with the AR as well. We didn’t through all that many round through the AR’s however.

Following the training at the gun range we went to the office on Mercer Island. I picked up my FOB to get into the building. No more knocking on the back door all the time. I am happy about that.

At the office we went over the tasers. It was the same training that I had at the SO and PPD. So there was nothing new. But I got to see Dearth and Matt both get tased. That was funny to watch. As it normally is fun to watch when it is not you.

Big Beating in Softball

May 12th, 2009

As the day was coming towards softball playing time I was almost completely done with the big project I have been working on. I have been going through my entire music collection and updated all the ID-Three information. It has been a huge under taking. In the process I downloaded a couple applications that helped me make this project manageable. I also renamed every song that was part of the old naming method. My new naming method is a logical system.

Tonight we were playing against Bomb Squad. They have reloaded and I would say the team is not as strong as it has been in the past. It could partly be due to the fast that they are new to playing together. But they seem to have a lot of guys who all seemed to try to crush the ball. They were not hitting a lot of base hits. We the first couple innings and played close to them. Then we broke it open over the next two innings scoring a lot of runs and went on to beat them twenty to eight.

We hit the ball well. I was hitting the ball well too. Our team is very strong this year and I think we actually are good enough to beat the Coors Light team which is well known for being the strongest team in the league.

Multiple Calls around Two

May 11th, 2009

I was supposed to be in on a phone call at two in the afternoon, but instead I ended up running back-to-back calls starting at one-thirty. It started with a car accident. While at the hospital we got sent off to another call from there.

In the evening I sat in on the reserves’ OTEP training class. It was a class on Death and Dying.

Co-Ed Double Header

May 10th, 2009

This evening was our first co-ed games. It was going to be a double-header with one game against Parrish’s team. We are supposed to play in the A-league this year, but the team is not as strong as last year from what I can see by who we have coming back. But really we ended up winning both games. We were not crushing the other teams. We were eeking out the wins. The teams we played were both B-League teams. If we continue to play as poorly as we did in the first two games we will end the season in third place out of three teams. I think that we have the talent. We just need to get people out there to hit well and play some good defense.

Movie Night at the FD

May 9th, 2009

We ran only one call today on the ambulance out of this station. It was for a sick person around noon. It was a quick call. We had dinner down at the Deuce because someone was working overtime.

On the way back we stopped at the video store to get a video. We ended up watching Righteous Kill. That was a pretty good cop movie. We were the only ones that ended up watching the movie.

Pay Backs

May 8th, 2009

Tonight I paid back Chuck for a trade I did with him many months ago. It ended up being a very quiet four hours. I had dinner with the C-shift crew. It was my first time eating with them in a while. That was about all we did this evening while I was at the fire station.

Me, The Medic

May 7th, 2009

Today Chia and I reserves roles. I was the attendant on the EMS calls and he was the driver. I had a fun time doing that. I got a couple calls to work. They were all BLS so we didn’t need a medic in the back. The final call of the night was an assault. There were two people I had to deal with. I was the one making the decisions and calling medical control. It was a lot of fun to have the role-reversal going on.

Forwarding to the PA

May 6th, 2009

I went to Colfax to pick up my newest gun. I had to pick it up from Greyman Guns. Due to the timeline I was getting on the edge of running late for EMS rounds. We were going to discuss the EMS call from last month where we ended up doing a “transfer” to Spokane where we never left the hospital. We were there for about five hours.

I rode with Zehm tonight. I started with being the “uniform” on a warrant service. My role was to be the officer presence when we did a knock and announce. I pretty much watched the people while the search was done.

We went to serve some papers in Palouse and then drove around the city for a while because we though the person we were serving were going to break the order. We were not able to find anything.

Following that we did a report in Tekoa of an assault. I went and got witness statements and went to talk to the suspect. At the end of the call I went to the station to write it up and forward it off to the prosecutor.

Men’s Double Header

May 5th, 2009

Tonight was the first of two men’s summer games. We had a double header. In the first game we were not very sharp. We had throwing errors. Including one where I threw the ball into the outfield from the catcher position when I tried to go to second base. We were playing the other My Office team. We had to beat them for bragging rights. We did beat them, but by the skin of our teeth.

The second game was a lot better. We played defense better and hit the ball a lot better. We ended up beating the other team pretty easily.

Most WCSO Work with Paul

May 4th, 2009

It seems like when I ride with Paul we get into stuff. I have been at an accident investigation, burglary, prisoner transport, dog bite investigation, and more. Tonight would be no different. We started with a burglary. It was crazy. We are having a hard time trying to understand what happened due to the evidence not making a lot of sense.

We then went to an airplane crash. It was cold, but we still did follow up and wrote a report. Before we were done we went to a nine-one-one hangup. We ended up going code twice last night. It was a pretty busy night. We were pretty much working calls the whole night.

We did make one stop for someone who ran a stoplight. It was the first time I was involved in a traffic stop with Paul.

Twenty-Four Hour OT

May 3rd, 2009

I was going to be getting off shift when I got offered a twenty-four hour overtime shift. I was worried about missing softball and the autopsy that was scheduled for today. But I was able to go to the autopsy and the softball game was cancelled.

Pritch was working OT as well today. So we bought dinner for the shift. Bob and I were on the ambulance. The only call we got was during the autopsy of course. It was a call up on campus. We were not able to see the end of the autopsy and that is where they found the findings that showed the cause of death. Now I am only going to get to see the photos which are never as good as seeing things in person.

Overall it was a pretty quiet day. There were a couple calls in the middle of the night but they were both for the Deuce. So I never had to get up. That was good because I was pretty tired.

Final Weekend Before Finals Week

May 2nd, 2009

When I got to the fire department I had about four hours of sleep last night. one of the guys asked me why I wasn’t out at the murder. I then found out they ran on a call where it appeared that someone was hit by a car and then left to die. An investigation went through out the day. It sounds like they think it was a fall from a cliff side and not a hit and run.

It was thought at the fire department that we might be busy tonight. It is the last party night before finals week. Last week was pretty quiet overall. Friday night was bad. There were a lot of calls. So they are staffing up the station today.

I also was moved from the engine to the ambulance. That was a happy thing for me. I prefer to be on the ambulance most of the time. But it was really quiet. We worked on ambulance checks. Then we did hydrants to finish off the hydrants that we had not completed the other night.

I took a short nap because I only got fourteen hours of sleep over the last seventy-two hours. We ran one call before dinner. After dinner Chia and I went to the Gladish center where there was some mixed martial arts fighting. We checked out the area for the best location to come in with a cot and get around if we are needed. Then we cruised through campus to see what things looked like. There was one place where it looked a big party was going to happen.

We also looked at the place where the kid fell off the cliff side. We were trying to figure out where it happened and what the area looked like. I went to bed around ten o’clock. I was still tired. I didn’t get a lot of sleep I was getting woken up by various things happening, whether it was the phone ringing, the pager going off, or a guy playing a practical joke on me.

We had one other call that happened at the place where we identified a possible big party spot on campus.

An Evening with Anderson

May 1st, 2009

This evening I was leaving the night open, but I decided that I wanted to ride with WCSO. I called up Sgt. Anderson. He said I could ride with him. I started the ride around six o’clock PM. I washed his rig and then we went to dinner at SubWay. I was the one in charge of where we went.

We made some traffic stops. We drove out to Lamont. I also went down to Penawawa where a frat was having a party. We contacted them and all was peaceful. Then we ran some traffic on Twenty-Six. I stopped several cars and gave warnings. One car however was speeding. When I turned on him most people slow down. He kept moving along and actually sped up.

I paced him for a little bit and then stopped him. He already had one recent ticket from ought-nine. So I added to that and gave him another one.