Last minute Coroners call

April 30th, 2005

When my alarm clock was sounding I started to get up. I was tired, but I had to get to Pullman to go golfing with Ben. Ryan and Jen also were with us. On the first hole I teed off and hit the ball really high and about twenty feet down the green. Not a good start, but I always seem to do poorly on the first hole. My next shot flew into a tree. We did not see it bounce out. It was stuck in the tree somewhere. I could not find it and ended up dropping a ball. I got an eleven on the first hole. It did not get better after that. I was having a hard time keeping the ball doing what I wanted. A few holes I had a good drive. A couple times I was on the green in three and needed fifteen or twenty foot putts for par. I would usually three putt.

On one hole I spent three shots on the fairway of another hole. Finally losing my ball around the teebox. I had to do a drop, and with the bad hits, it still took me three shots to get the ball to the green which was only forty feet away.

After we were done golfing I went to Zeppoz and no one was there to play poker. It was before the opened. So I stopped by the fire station. I talked to Michael and Brian. Chuck was there and said John was going to stop by. Chuck got called to do a transfer. John came down and we played Halo Two. I was getting my butt kicked. I had never played before. After we played for about an hour or so we played cribbage. I lost at that. John had to get going, so we dealt a couple hands of Texas Hold’em. Then we both left.

I went back to Colfax and watched some TV. Around dinner time I went to Subway and brought it back to the jail. I hung out in control and operated the doors while Dale and Curtis did rounds and a booking. Then I got a phone call from Pullman Regional Hospital. A person had died. After getting some information, I confirmed with Pete we wanted to take jurisdiction. The call came in about seven o’clock pm. I was planning on going to bed at eight because I needed to be up at four am. So I figured that plan was shot.

I drove to Pullman and went to the hospital. Kimballs funeral home was there as well. I had called for them to meet me. I spoke with the family and with one of the people in on the operation. Kimball’s took the body back to the funeral home while I gathered everything I needed to from the hospital.

I went to the funeral home and did my body exam there and well as photographing the body. There was a question that we wanted to do an autopsy. So we put the body in refrigeration. Then I headed back to Colfax to get the report completed. I spoke with Pete a few times about everything I had. He asked me to call the hospital and put a hold on the blood draws. I called the hospital and had them do that.

I went to the SO and printed the pictures out as well as wrote up my report. Because I was going to be gone I wanted to get everything done. Dale came downstairs and we talked a little bit about car accidents and people who died in them.

By the time the report was done and turned in, I would not get much sleep, so I headed back to Renton. I filled my truck and hit the road. I was doing fine for a while, but I planned on stopping at a rest area along the way to nap. I got to the one on top of Vantage hill and I was able to press on. But when I got to the one outside of Cle Elum I decided to stop. I went to the bathroom and then took a hour long nap. I woke up and hit the road again. I got home and went upstairs and went to bed at six-thirty am. I set the alarm clock for eight am. I was in for a long sleep. NOT!

Working extra hard

April 29th, 2005

Today was the code complete day for the VI’s I have been working on. The responses are coming through to my box, but there is still a problem. But with the responses coming back I was able to do some coding and then I also made some assumptions about some of the other code following through with the code that I read. I got some stored procedures completed. One had to be made from the ground up, because the one that existed did not work. I also got the UI to work the way I wanted, but due to the fact I had to get this stuff done, I was not able to leave until almost four o’clock pm. As it turned out we were given one more day for code complete. But it was nice to get it all done and working.

I drove to Pullman and when I got to town I was on call for the coroners office. I went into the jail and hung out there and helped out a little bit with some stuff. But I was not going to stay up too late because I was going golfing in the morning.

Softball practice at Woodland Park

April 28th, 2005

I had practice after work today so I hung around the office until around six-thirty pm. I went to get some new stuff for softball. I replaced my longsleeve undershirt with a shortsleeve underarmor shirt. I also got a new pair of shorts to replace my ripped shorts. I got a pair of sliding shorts with a cup holder.

When I was getting ready for practice I realized I got the wrong size of the sliding shorts, but I forced them on. I will probably have to buy a new pair because those ones are too small and the cup rides too low. They were pretty uncomfortable.

Practice went pretty well. I did some work with the outfielders by throwing them popflys and having one outfielder backup the other outfielder.

Playing Umpire

April 27th, 2005

At work today I finished up what I started yesterday. There was a question I got answered to know what way I needed to fix a stores procedure. It turns out I had it going correctly. But I love how I have to get from one value to another. I have the number of the loan application. From that I get the loan officer’s number. Then I use that to find the loan officers’ office. I use that number to find whether a certain value is a one or a zero. Depending on what it is, it will tell the system what E-mail we should send.

Jon asked if I could help him launch the boat. So I left work around three o’clock pm. We dropped the boat into Lake Washington. We cruised around for about ten minutes. Then we went back to Jon’s and had some dinner. Logan had a baseball game. He is in the first grade. They just got out of T-ball last year and now they have a machine pitch league this year. I was the base umpire.

I remember most of the things I had been taught. But I was dealing with first graders. So I was a little worried about how I should call things. Young kids seem to cry a lot. So in one inning there was a really close play at third base. When I was learning to be an umpire I was told that on the close calls you are loud and clear and I dropped the hammer and yelled “OUT!”. After the inning was over Jon came up to me. He held his heart and laughed. He said he thought that call would have caused the first grader to cry. I started to laugh. I guess that is because I am so evil.

After the game we went back to Jons. We had some ice cream and I hooked up the boat trailer to my truck and brought it to my moms house where I parked it by the shop. I went inside to watch CSI:NY.

During CSI I saw a commercial for Cold Case. I was thinking about how Cold Case uses popular music from the era when they do their flashbacks. It sort of goes along with that I wrote about earlier today.

Music and Memories

April 27th, 2005

When I hear certain songs they take me back to a specific place and location in time. When I hear Cult of Personality by Living Colour I always get taken back to eighty-nine when I was driving down highway five-eighteen. I was heading towards four-oh-five going in to Tukwila. It was going to be the first day of my fire cadet training with the Tukwila Fire Department.

The song Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin remind me of driving my truck around the highlands after I got my license. I was cruising with friends and I had some Oreo cookies.

Then there is the song Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie. That takes me to ninety-three when I was living in Stephenson East. I was also doing a radio show. That was one of the song I would play and it just reminds me of my freshman year at college.

The Offspring’s song Smash takes me back to May of ninety-seven. I was in my apartment. The first time living on my own like that. I had all sorts of dishes my mom bought and I was washing all of them by hand. It was taking a long time. I did not have cable yet because I had just moved in. I just got Smash, the Album, so I listened to that over and over and over while I was working.

An old one is Kenny Rogers’ Coward of the County. I was in day care at Busy Bee. The lady who drove us to Apollo everyday asked to borrow my record. It was a single with that song on it. I handed it to her one day getting into the van. I remember her putting the record in the pocket of her vest. I remember when I got it back there was a scratch on it and I was very sad about that.

It is strange how certain songs can take you to a very specific place in time and how for some reason those events get tied in your mind to that event.

Rocking on

April 26th, 2005

I got the newest VI that was issued to me to the point where I am with the other VI. Waiting for help from the outside company. I got the stored procedures completed and the UI completed and working correctly. Now I just need to wait to get responses to do the final part of it.

As I was looking through the code the real fix was actually coded into the application and I see it all over the place where I did my stuff. The problem is that is was not completed and turned on. Most of it is there though. It reminds me of the movie Total Recall where the reactor on Mars was built and never turned on. It is like that in the code many times I find things that were built several years ago, but never turned on.

After I was done I headed home and looked for more people to go golfing with Ben and me on Saturday. I did not do a whole bunch at home. I got the picture loaded for the main page on the Nadirs Website. I also fixed the physical address on Joe’s Website.

I watched some TV including a rerun of House that I had not seen before. I chatted with Kristine on the phone. She will be moving into my house pretty soon. We are going to exchange work for rent for a while. I need some painting done and she will do that.

Murder victim’s 911 call was a prank?

April 26th, 2005

So there is a story about a man names David Steeves. He was nineteen years old. He was in the trunk of his mom’s car when he called Nine-One-One in Elgin, Ill. They asked him where he was but he said he did not know he was in the trunk of a car. He at one point said “Oh my God, you gotta please help me. Please help me. Oh my God, Please help me. God.” He knew he was on South Street. The police spent about ten minutes and the chalked this up as a prank call.

About six days later he had not been seen until they found him shot to death in the trunk of his mom’s car.

Sounds like a horrible and sad ending to such a young life. Then you learn more about it. He was in a drug deal and the dealers decided to throw him in the trunk, rob him, and kill him.

Another case of criminal on criminal crime. Those kind of crimes that makes me just think to myself that maybe if he wasn’t doing drugs he would not be dead right now. It is the kind of thing that makes you shrug your shoulders and move on with life.

Now, that the deed has been done, I hope that the murders get the death penalty. That would take care of three criminals. One has been taken care of, and the rope will take care of the other ones.

I seem like I don’t care about criminals, huh? Well, you’re right. Like Charlie Daniels said “Take a big tall tree and a short piece of rope. Hang ‘em up high and let ‘em swing ’till the sun goes down.”

Welcome back at work

April 25th, 2005

Today is my first day back at work since working from Pullman from Tuesday to Thursday. I was surprised when I went in and saw my cube was slightly rearranged.

I am pretty sure I did not leave my office with my chair upside down and the papers everywhere. There was coasters everywhere and several of my items were labeled “my marky board”, “fone”, “my drinkies”, and “typewriter”. It was pretty funny. On my white board someone wrote:
Todo List:
Clean up Coasters
Pick up Tape
Repair curtain
Fix Chair
Find hidden doggie dodo

We had a company meeting and were told why an employee was abruptly fired. We had some donuts and talked about a few other company news items. I spent the rest of the day looking busy.

I got all my photos removed from my camera and I wanted to edit them by my computer crashes every time I open a folder with large pictures in it. I don’t know why. It has been this way for a while. Finally I gave up trying. I went home around six o’clock pm.

At home I got the Nadirs website updated and posted online. I also spent a few hours gathering pictures of the players through out the history of the team to post them on the site. I got a little over half of the people taken care of. I may have a few other pictures that need to be scanned in. I don’t think I will find them for everyone. Some people I have no way of contacting. I will spend the next few weeks attempting to contact everyone I can.

Week two for ECSA Softball

April 24th, 2005

What a day for softball! I got up this morning and I was tired, but I pushed forth. I got in my truck and whisked myself away to Renton. When I got home I got ready for softball and headed to Sea-Tac. I had three games today and I wanted to have some fun. The sun was shining and I would be able to use my Synergy II.

I hit the road and cruised home. I was a little on the tired side. When I got home I changed into my softball uniform and headed to SeaTac. I was early so I hung out and watched some of the other games. Then the rest of the team started to arrive and we did some work outs as a team. The coach wanted us all to do stuff together today.

After warming up we had our first game. I was hitting the ball really well today. I only made one out today and that was in the third game. In the first game I crushed one. It felt so smooth going off the bat. It was an inside the park homerun. We won that game. I played on firstbase and then I pitched two innings. The second game we were worried about the team manager challenging me so I toned down the hitting and got a lot of singles in that game. We again won it.

We had an hour break. So I took the time to lay down and rest. One of the guys on the team brought some chicken for everyone. I had a couple pieces and then we went to get ready for our last game. In my first at bat I had another inside the park homerun. It was all the way to the fence, after the bounce and roll, on a three-hundred-and-fifteen foot fence. It was this game where I made an error at first base that allowed the inning to extend longer. The other team was winning going into the last inning. We were at the bottom of the batting order.

The guys started to hit and we strung a lot of hits together. We had two outs and I was on-deck. I was hoping for one more hit. But instead the guy who was hitting third got a great hit and two people scored. That was the game winning hit. So I did not get my last at bat. It seems like I have been on-deck for either the last out of the game or the game winning hit. We are now five and one on the season and are tied for first place in the league.

After the games I went home and had dinner. Then I hung out the rest of the night. I was tired so I was sleeping by midnight.

Nadirs’ Post Season Party

April 23rd, 2005

I had two events planned for today. One was the post-season softball party for the Nadirs and the other was being the PA for the Thunder. The morning started off with a couple phone calls. Then at ten am I got up and started to get ready for the party. We were meeting at Zeppoz at noon.

I got up and got all my stuff for the football game and the post-season party gathered and ready to go. I went to Zeppoz a little early to make sure we could get a big table. When I got up there it was empty. I was about fifteen minutes early.

Soon the others started to filter in. I had some pizza and finger steaks ready to eat. I also had three pitchers of beer and some pop. As more people get there the food and beer quickly disappeared. So I ordered some more with the remainder of the money. I got some photos of the rookies as well as the guys who will be leaving the team after graduation.

Rookies: Trent, Dave, Jory, Ryan R

Retiring: Richard, Trent, Aaron

I announced the award winners as well as the new team records that were set. This season, records were tied, none were broken.

I had a few beers with the rest of the team. I also met one person who will probably play with us next season. He came along to hang out as well.

When the party was over, about two hours later I headed to Moscow for the football game. I met with the Yakima Manager to get the pronunciation for some of the players taken care of. I also learned about some new Thunder players. I pulled out my laptop and found I left the power cable at home. Luckily I had extra batteries.

I got the text files updated. I got the PA room opened and set up in there. I saw that Wally, from last years team was at the game. I went down to the seats to see him. I was David come in. He is the barefoot kicker for the team. He was limping. He hurt himself in a rugby game earlier in the day, so he would not be able to play.

The game got going and in the middle of the first quarter my computer shut down. So I had to restart it. In the mean time I used the paper sheets to announce the game until the computer was running again. I put in a second battery in the DVD slot. But it did not make the battery life get better. I pulled it out and found that that battery was nearly dead. So I put in the other battery. That raised the battery life. I also turned down the contrast and closed the lid during the longer breaks to make it last as long as possible.

Yakima was undefeated going into this game and beat the Thunder pretty easily. We scored a few times, but not enough. The replacement kicker did not have the leg that David did, so Yakima had better ball position all the time.

After the game I gathered my stuff. I got some dinner and headed home. I met to go to bed earlier that I did, but I could not get myself to find the bedroom right away, I chose to watch some TV first.

Welcome back Haymon

April 22nd, 2005

Today started out with my last day of work for the week. I went into Pullman. Ryan and I met up for lunch at Pizza Pipeline.

After I got off work I went to Colfax. I hung out at the fire station for a while. I sorted through my change that I had on my night stand. I had more then one hundred bucks. I got it all rolled up.

I grabbed the pizza from Bulldog pizza near the meeting time for the Coroners meeting. I went to the Coroners office and saw Kris from District Court. We chatted for a few minutes. She asked how I like life and about my job. Pete arrived and I went inside just ahead of him and set the pizza in the office. I got some plates out and he asked where Patti was. Finally he called her house and found out she thought the meeting was on Saturday. So Pete and I met and ate pizza.

We talked about a few cases. I asked Pete his advice about my ankle and the pain I still get from it. He said I should go see Pennington about it.

After the meeting I went to the fire station. Carl was working with Dan to redo the computer. I hung out there for a few hours hoping that we would get a card game going. It turned out there was no game. I was planning on heading home and going to bed because I was getting tired.

Ryan called and said Haymon was in town. I knew he was coming, but I did not expect him until Sunday. He got in early. He said I should meet up with them. At first I was not going to go, then I decided to go. As I was heading to Pullman I remembered about the After-Party Nic was throwing. I was thinking about going there too.

I arrived at Rico’s. I saw Neil outside. I followed him inside but he was too far ahead of me. He went upstairs. Then into the bathroom. I thought at first they may have all been playing pool. So I sat outside the bathroom waiting for him. Haymon walked up the stairs then saw me. He got really big eyes and smiled big. He came over and said hello and gave me a handshake and a hug. After he went to the bathroom I followed him down stairs.

Haymon, Moe and a guy chat

I sat at a table with Ryan, Moe, Haymon, Neil, and a few other people for a while. Haymon was going to get a round a beer and asked if I wanted anything. I said a water. Then he gave me a look. So I said I would have a Coors Light. I drank that down and people were getting ready to head out. Our plan was to get someone from another bar and go play cards. The game would be Killer Uno. We were also going to get some beer from the store. Once outside of Rico’s I had them line-up for a photo-op.

We left to meet at the Coug. I went inside first. The others had not arrived yet. So I got a glass of beer and walked away from the crowd. I got bumped in the process and spilled beer all over my shirt. The I worked on drinking it while the other arrived. Ryan and I went outside. The Coug is a big-time Greek bar. It is all sorts of better-than-thou people that hang out there.

After one person was missing inside, Haymon, was a one-man search party to find the person. We got her and then headed to Shakers where the person we were looking for was located. We walked to Shakers, another Greek bar. When we went inside and I told Ryan to keep up with the others. He failed in doing so and we lost them through the crowd. Finally we made our way downstairs. They walked out to the dance floor. I did not want to push my way through the crowd so I waited near the stairs and the pool table. I saw Pete from WSU Fire there. He said hello to me. Ryan went to look for the others. He located them around the corner and they found the guy, Lars, that they were looking for.

While Ryan was gone I saw Jory from the softball team. He said hello and then asked if I was married. I told him I wasn’t. He said “great, let’s go pick up some chicks.” I laughed and he did too. Then I told Jory I needed to go meet up with my group of people. It was near closing time. Moe gave me half of his rum and Coke that he had. I drank that and we walked outside. I headed from my truck and they headed for the cars. We were going to go to Dissmore’s before they stopped serving alcohol.

We got down there in time. They got three half-racks of beer and I got something to eat. Moe rode with me to Waller. I dropped him off at Waller. Then I parked my truck by the hospital. I walked up to Waller and they said that Haymon remember he had a hotel room we could use to drink and play cards rather than sitting around in the Waller library.

Ryan has beer… In hand!

Neil with lots of beer.

We drove to the Holiday Inn and Haymon checked into his room. We walked up there and no one really drank any beer. In fact we never opened the brand new decks of Uno cards we purchased at Dissmores. Instead we spent the next two hours telling jokes and talking about some sex stuff. One girl was talking about what men and women like in terms of sex and how it changes with age.

Ryan is getting Frisky

Haymon demonstrates how to get a promotion.

Then Neil said something about Russell being gay. I played stupid and Ryan and I kept making them feel dumb because they would show some of the “evidence” that Russell was gay and we would give an example of someone else doing that thing and asking if that person was gay as well. That went on for a while. We laughed so hard that my kidneys felt like they had been used as a punching bag for the evening. I took some pictures and videos while in the room.

We put beer around Haymon.
He woke up just as I took this pic.

Around four o’clock AM Haymon was pretty much out. The others were starting to fade. So, we all left. We walked to the cars. As Ryan was talking to me we was not watching where he was walking and bashed his knee into the hitch on my truck. I was laughing hard about that as well. It was a fun night and to think I was ready to go home at ten o’clock PM.

Family Movie Night

April 21st, 2005

Ryan and I met up at lunch yesterday and ate at Basilio’s. He also gave me half the money for the parking permit. I did the normal stuff at work trying to get this stuff figured out.

At five o’clock I got a pizza and went to Russell’s for movie night. We were going to watch Get Real and Beautiful Thing. Several family members came over to watch them as well. Steve, a friend of Nick’s also came over.

After the first movie most of the people left. Nick, Steve, and I watched the second movie. Then Steve asked how I am a conservative/Republican gay man. I started to explain my underlying beliefs and how those translate into aligning with the Republicans. I guess you could say that we are, but not always for the same reason. But the ends are the same, and the means of getting to the end I would like to see is in the pathway of the Republicans.

I can say some of the things the Republicans are doing go against my beliefs, however, the things the democrats want to do are even farther away from what I would like to see, so I have to take the one that gives me the most of what I want.

We started to watch Dr. Strangelove after that, but it was getting near two in the morning and I wanted to get home. So I gave them a ride back to Waller and went home myself.

Nadirs in the Playoffs

April 20th, 2005

I was excited for this evening to come. The Nadirs were back in the playoffs and we were playing Below Me. We beat them in the regular season sixteen to six. Ryan and I spent part of the trying to figure out a line up and playing positions for everyone. It took a while to hammer it out and see what we could come up with that would be fair to as many people as possible.

I spent some time also trying to debug the negative rental income I am working on. It took a long time to find a spot it would break for me. Finally I found it. So I started to step through the process. I think I found where one problem is. I just have to continue to step through it and see what else is going on. So I recorded some of the information in the journal I have.

Finally at four o’clock I started to get ready for softball. I was putting on my ankle brace and one of the laces broke. I was mad. I have to fix it. The lace is located near the bottom, so I had to do some fancy stuff so it would get tight when I lace it up. Then I drove to the field. Ben and Ryan were there and Oly also showed up. We walked to our field. I was pulling on the shoe lace on my cleats. The eyelet in the shoe broke. I yelled out in frustration. Both problems were on my left foot.

Ben, Mark, and Dave come off
the field after warming up

We threw the ball around to warm up. Ryan brought the line-ups and fielding positions he printed out. I got the line ups written down and informed everyone of their fielding positions. Ryan went out for the coin toss. He lost so we were the away team. We went to work right away. We scored four runs right away. I had a stand up triple.

In their half of the first inning they scored two runs. We had the lead going into the bottom of the third inning when they scored four runs. There was a ball that Ben ran down in the outfield. It appeared that the ball was out of play when he touched it. But the umpire said it was fair. So the ball was thrown in and people were arguing with the umpire and not making the play. They scored an extra run because of that.

Phil trying to get something started

Both teams were scoreless in the forth. In the fifth, they scored another run and were ahead of us seven to four. We were in the top of the sixth inning. That is the last inning of an Intramural game. We needed three runs after having been held scoreless for four straight innings. We went out there and finally started to hit a little bit. We scored two runs on a hit by Ryan, and then they threw the ball out of play allowing one more run to come in. We tied it up. Then we made the final out. They went up in the sixth and we held them scoreless. So it was off to extra innings.

During the game while Bryce was playing second base he ran with his back to the infield to make a juggling catch of a ball. It was great. Later Ryan, while at second, did a long run and caught one over his head. We get through the seventh and eighth inning scoreless.

In the top of the ninth, we finally broke it open with two runs. They took their at bat and scored one with an out. Then they had two on base with two out. Rudolph was playing right field. The other outfielders were all playing in left field, because we had a rover going.

The ball was driven deep to right-center. Rudolph got on his horse and ran like crazy. He back was to the infield the whole time. I did not think he would get to the ball. With two outs the baserunners were running for home. If the ball got on the ground there would have been no time for a play at home. They would win the game and eliminate us from the playoffs. I sat there thinking we were done for. Then with his back to the outfield Rudolph made a diving catch and caught the ball! The team cheering and ran to right-field to meet up with him and give him props. It was in many ways like winning the whole thing for us. We battled andwh battled. We made some good defensive plays and finally the game was won with a catch that would have been on ESPN had it been recorded.

Back: Aaron, Richard, Ben, Mark, Jory, Trent, Ryan R
First: Ryan G, Scotty, Phil, Dave, Bryce

After that game we got a team picture taken. Then we played the Longballs. It was a bad game and we lost after only getting three hits. But in many ways, winning the whole thing would have been cool, but compared to the first game, anything else would have been anti-climatic.

Working from Pullman.

April 19th, 2005

Today was my first day working from Pullman. I got into the office and got the VPN set up and signed into my computer. At first I was using terminal services. Then after Ryan and I met for lunch at Pizza Pipeline, I went to the MSFT site and found they have a Remote Desktop application for Windows Two-Thousand. I got it installed and it is much better than terminal services.

After I was done working for the day I went to Colfax for fire training. It was my first one in about six months. It was good to see people. We did some hose evolutions. There was a new guy there. I showed him a few things about the hoses and flaking them, and putting the together.

I sprayed a little bit of water and helped reload the hose. Then I went into the day room and watched House with Ken. After House was over I went to the jail. I had to take my ACCESS re-cert test. I got one-hundred percent on it. I hung out at the jail until just after midnight when I finally went home to go to sleep.

Cleaning up the jail

April 18th, 2005

I did not go to Pullman last night because I wanted to stay up late, so I decided to go into the office today. Before I could do that I had to go clean the doggie doo-doo from the yard. Once I was done I loaded my truck and headed off to work. I worked with Miki a little bit with the information I found on Friday. She is going to work with Dexma on that. While that is happening I am stuck on the issue.

A couple of us went to Red Robin for lunch. I got a chicken sandwich. We chatted about personal stuff. I mainly listened in on what they were talking about and checking out one of the ten-six-seven waiters.

After we got back I sat around the office getting stuff ready to be in Pullman. I got the next issue I need to work on all printed out. I filled my water bottles and then headed to get some gas. Then I was on my way to Colfax.

I got into town a little after six o’clock pm. I decided that I would go work at the jail. I got my uniform on and grabbed some lunch at Arby’s. I went to Control and ate it real quick. We had three people to get booked into the jail. I started to help Dale out with those. Then we started on the third person. But there was only computer work to do. So I got a crew of inmates and we did some cleaning around the jail. I had the halls swept and mopped on the top and bottom floor. I also had the windows washed and walls cleaned where they were dirty.

I found out that one of the guys in my crew was going to be going to AA. So, while I was in the male work release unit I was going to get another person to help out. One young kid was playing ping pong. Then he stopped me to let me know that the visiting booths were really dirty and the windows had hand marks and other marks all over them. Sounds like a volunteer to me. So I had him come along. I think that he will think twice about telling me or any other officer where we need to have cleaning done.

When we were done with the jail. I had them sweep and mop the stairs going to the basement. They were in really bad shape. When the was done I went back to Control and rested for a little bit. My ankle is still tender.

Around eleven o’clock pm a deputy was coming in with a warrant arrest from Pullman. It was an eighteen year-old man. He stole some checks and was trying to pass them off. Have I said how much I hate a thief? When I was done I took him to the green unit and then I remember I did not give him a chance to make some calls. I took him back into booking for that. By then it was after midnight. So I had Dale watch him. I was ready to head home.

Opening Season for the Maulers

April 17th, 2005

Today is exciting for me. It is opening of the Season for the Maulers. We have three games today. From the practice from the other night we were not looking too awesome. We are still working to get to our mid-season form. I slept in a little better than yesterday. But I think the work on the bathroom woke me up again.

I helped to get the new bathroom cabinet upstairs. Then I started to get my uniform ready for softball. I decided to do something I have not done in YEARS. That was not wear my Philosophy shirt under my uniform. I did not wear it for two reasons. One I have been having a bad softball season with the IM’s. Two is because under my new uniform it would be visible with all the holes in it because my new uniform has micronetting type stuff so it is cooler, but it is more or less see through.

I got to the field and got my batting bag. It is heavier than I remember. I lugged it to the playing area and got my cleats on. We did some team warm ups and stretching. Then we started to throw the ball and hit the ball. Our first game was against a new team. They beat us seven to eleven. They were getting free-outs. It was not good. One inning we should have had three outs in three batters, but instead they scored several runs on us. Our hitting was not great either. I hit clean-up for the team and I think I got two at bats.

We had an hour off. I watched a couple teams in our league. Neither team had a pitcher who could get the ball across the plate. While I was watching the game Mike called me. He said they need a pitcher for his sisters team. That is the same team that Gary is on I believe.

In the next two games I did a lot better than the first game. I pitched a few innings and played first base in other innings. I was hitting the ball well. I had one ball that I crushed to deep left field. Somehow the left fielder ran that ball down and at the last minute just stuck his glove in the air. The ball just fell into his glove.

We ended up winning the last two games, so we are two and one on the season. I went home with an ankle that was a little bit on the sore side. I decided that I was not going to go back to Colfax tonight because there was no fire training in Pullman and I wanted to sleep in a little bit and stay up late tonight.

I got home at dinner time. I ate dinner and helped to clean up. Then I watched TV for most of the rest of the evening letting my ankle recover from the day of fun.

Patrolling Whatcom County.

April 16th, 2005

I made plans to go riding with Joe tonight. We were going to have a BBQ as well. I got ready and got on the road and headed to Joe’s place in Bellingham. On the way I stopped at Chucks Donut shop and when I was getting in my truck my pants which has a small slit near the pocket ripped and became big. So when I got to Joe’s I used my duct tape to fix the hole.

We decided to go to Billy McHales rather than having a BBQ. So we ate and chatted for a while. When we got back to Joe’s I watched some TV while he changed and got ready for work. We got going. He got his car ready for me. He normally has some of his stuff in the passenger seat. So it was put in the trunk.

Joe getting his car ready

We took off and began patrolling. One of the stops was to arrest someone for breaking a window the night before. We stopped in this trailer park. There were cats all over the place and they were all walking over Joe’s car and one of the other deputies who came to help him. We took the lady to jail. I got to see how the initial booking process worked. Joe wrote the PC sheet right there and we left. We went to the satellite office where Joe did more paperwork on the arrest.
Then we got going again. We cruised around and radared cars as they drove by. A call came in for a domestic. We went code to the scene and hit a possum along the way. When we got to the scene the people had already left and we did not do much more there. Then a call came in for a guy who had a few people in his house trying to get him. We went code to the scene and as we were getting close we were told the people left in a black truck. A black truck passed us so we turned on it. It quickly turned into a driveway and they guys got out. Joe pulled in and stopped them.
They talked for a while as other patrol cars showed up. Then we learned the “victim” owed money to this guy. The guy would not say what the money was given for. Through the conversation it became clear it was for drugs. So Joe told the two passengers who were both under-eighteen that hanging around with a twenty-six year old is not a good idea and they are just looking for trouble. But they are hanging out with him because he gets them alcohol and drugs.
After that call we drove the south end of the county for a call about a beaver the size of a boulder in the middle of the road, dead. We got on scene and Joe used a metal pole to roll it off the road. He drove me around that area a little bit. But it was close to two o’clock am and I was getting really tired. I was woken up early this morning by the construction on the bathroom after having stayed up until after four am last night. So I called it a night.
Joe dropped me off and I drove home. The drive home was not bad and I did not get too tired along the way.

Good winnings at Texas Hold’em

April 15th, 2005

I was doing well at work today. I started with a brunch for a birthday celebration for someone at the company. We went to the Brown Paper Bag or something like that in Redmond. The portions were huge and I was unable to eat it all. The same was the case with everyone else.

Then I started to get real work done. I was getting closer and closer to figuring out the problem with Dexma not responding to my computer. First off actually I needed to know if they requests were getting out. They were. Then I had to figure out if the problem was the outside not being able to get to my computer. It turned out it was able to.

I put a stop in the ASP code and ran a report. Within a few minutes it started the debugger. So I knew it was getting to my computer. I spent time stepping through things and looking at the data to see why it was not working. I think I finally isolated the problem. I have a theory that my problem is also the same problem on production. If that is the case I would have figured out a major problem we have, up to this time, been unable to figure it out.

With not being able to do anything further because it was after five o’clock pm, and all the people I would need were gone, so I went home. I watched the Mariners and had dinner. Then I watched Mr. Deeds. I planned on staying up late so I could be less tired for the ride along with Joe tomorrow.

I got some money from the bank and went to Diamond Lil’s. I got on a four-eight table. It was a really cool table. People were having a good time. I went up more than a hundred bucks. Then I had a ten and something in my hand. The board had a pair of tens and a pair of nines, giving me the third best hand, but because I had a ten, I actually had the second best hand. Only a pair of nines, for quads would beat me. After a fair amount of bets and raises to get to that point, I lay down my ten and this girl lays down a pair of nines. She beat me.

So I was dwindling down a little bit. I got back to my original buy in and then I went down a little bit from there. A guy came to the table. He was a ten-six-seven, but could have been better off with a hair cut. There was something about him made me keep my eye on him most of the time he was there. I am not sure what it was, but he kept my attention.

So I am in the big blind and I get dealt a four-five off suit. Just on a whim I raise. Several people stayed in. The flop was a two-three-six. That gave me nut straight. There were bets and raises. Then on the turn there was an ace. It did nothing to weaken my hand. So I still raised. I was hoping for a card that would not make a flush happen. And something that would not ruin my straight by making a bigger one. A queen of spades came out. That sealed the deal. I bet and one person called. He had put me on pocket aces or something like that because I had raised before the flop. He was shocked to see what I raised on. I was laughing. I won more than two hundred bucks on that hand. It was awesome.

I played until around two-thirty am. The table started to break up. The workers split our table and sent people to other tables. So I took that opportunity to go home. I wanted to stay up a little bit later because I was trying to sleep in a lot on Saturday so I will not be tired when I got on the ride along. I got home and watched some TV before I actually did go to sleep, which was around four o’clock am.

Softball practice with Gay-Rod

April 14th, 2005

After spending a fun-filled day trying to figure out how to get Dexma to respond to my computer and getting the final touches on everything, I left the day without anything working. I did get the latest changes to FootballPA completed. I have the offense indicator that will start the cursor in the correct box.

After work I went home and got my softball stuff put on. Then I headed to Auburn to pick up Mike. He seems to think I am gay for some reason. Mainly because I am playing in a gay softball league. I keep side-stepping the question. Only one person in my class from high school knows and I want to leave it that way for now. I don’t think there would be real harm in him knowing, but I still don’t want him to know.

So when I picked him up he said “okay… now come clean.” After side-stepping the question we headed for Woodland Park. At practice Mike did really well, and he showed the coaches that he would be too highly rated to play on the team. So he would not be able to play with us.

I took him home and then I went home myself. I chatted with Ryan about the Mariners big ten to two victory and we also talked about CSI that I has missed. I did not get home until close to eleven o’clock PM. I watched the news and the Simpsons before finding my way to bed.

Trucking along

April 13th, 2005

Today the table is completed and I was able to test it. But before I could test it I had to figure out why my XPA application was not working. I put a stop in the ASP code and stepped through it. It took just under an hour to finally step through all of it. It was long. I did not see why it was happening at first. Then later on I got an idea to search for the error message text.

When I found it I saw where the problem was happening. So I put a stop in there. I stepped through it and read what was going on with a watch. There was a problem with an Extended Stored procedure. I got that taken care of and then it was working. I ran a test and my new table was working. The problem I was now having is I needed to get the Fannie Mae Case File ID to get updated upon return. So I had to figure out where that was coming from. That was a long process. I had to go through a few components before I found it.

I traced it to a stored procedure. I put some code into that SP and it should save the data, but I need to test it. To test it I need to be able to see the outside world with my box. The guy who I need to do that was gone for the day. That was okay because it was about six pm. So I left to go home myself.

At lunch today I found out that Terry would be leaving the role as CTO and going to architect. He will be working from home from now on. We were going to have a pizza meeting at work to discuss that with the company. We will hire someone to replace Terry. I hope whomever we get will let me start to work from Pullman. That should be soon. *crosses fingers*.

Terry and I threw the baseball around a little bit while we were waiting for the pizza to come. I was okayed to work from Pullman all next week. I am stoked about that. I hope that I can show that I can work from home just fine and they will allow me to do so in the future.

I went home and we had pizza there for dinner. It was good. After dinner I worked on the FootballPA for a bit. I was trying to implement some of the ideas I got from the game while I was using. One is for a tab-like button to move from field to field using a key on the ten-key. That way I can do it all with one hand. I also wanted the text to be high-lighted when entering the field if there was text in it, so I would not have to delete text. Lastly, I wanted to add something that would allow the cursor to start in the field of the team that was on offense. I got the code for the highlighting online. Jon sent me the code for the tab-like workings. But I could not get them to actually work.

I wanted SouthPark before going to my room and getting ready to go to sleep. I was really tired.

Getting some places

April 12th, 2005

I got a fair amount of stuff figured out with the problem of the XPA application. We need to store the data in a new table and then it can be kept as a historic look at the data that was entered when the pre-approval letter was given. The problem is now that when the application changes the letter goes away and we want it to stay, but with the old data. I could stop the letter from going away, however, the data could be changed when the application changes.

So it did require the new table. I got that figured out. Then I started to look for the place the data was actually stored into the database from the XPA application. It took a while to sort through all our stuff to find it. When I finally came across it, I was ready to go home. So I marked my place and took off.

At home after dinner I watched House. They have a new character on the show I do not like to much. He takes away from the show. So, I think I will be happy to see him go. I looked at some stuff online and according to what I found he will be off the show pretty soon.

A new project

April 11th, 2005

With the new week I now have a new project that I am working on. It is one that I spent most of the day trying to run down and figure out how the thing works. It was slow going at first as it always is when I first get going on something.

On my way home I called Mike about playing softball on the Maulers team. He asked if I was gay. Because he does not understand why I would keep playing in the league. I side-stepped the question. Only Matt from my high school friends knows I am gay, and I will leave it like that for a while.

I told him that I want to play softball and if he can find me another team I will play on it, but until then I am going to play ball with these guys. I talked him into coming out and practicing with us. I hope that he will work out.

I got home and worked on a problem with the credit cards on the Janders site. It is not taking payments like that. I am not sure why it popped up, but there was a problem with the SQL statement. There were also some other problems that related to that elsewhere. I spent a while trying to run down all the problems. Finally I was able to figure them all out. For a while I was getting mad because I could not get it working correctly.

Regular Season games

April 10th, 2005

After waking up I was having a hard time walking because of golfing yesterday. But after a while it warmed up and life was good.

I went to the fire station and talked with Carl a little bit. The people showed up for the Hazmat class. I took off and went home. I watched some TV and relaxed waiting for game time.

Once it got close to five o’clock pm I got my uniform on and then headed to Pullman. I got the fields and waited for the others to show up. We had two games today. But we were informed that one team did not show up. So we were going to get a forfeit. We played the first game and we could not get a rally going. I had the best hitters at the top of the order and no one was hitting. So we lost four to two. We turned in some great defense. We had a double play that went five-four-two. Then we had back-to-back-to-back six-five plays that stopped runs from scoring. But we still ended up losing.

Then the second game was a forfeit like we had been told. The Longballs had a forfeit as well. We played a scrimmage game against them. We took them deep twice and held them to one long ball. We beat them four to two. It was funny because we always beat them in games that don’t matter and lose when it does matter.

I went home and got some dinner. I watched TV before going to bed hours after I really wanted to. I was mad at myself.

Mad Cow without the disease

April 9th, 2005

This morning started off with meeting Ben at the Colfax Golf course for a golf tournament. It is a scramble and I am playing on Ben’s team. I am not that good and he is really good, so I am surprised he asked me to play. I feel bad for the other guys on the team. I hope that I do not hold them back.

Ryan from the softball team and a guy named Mike were the teammates. We started on the sixth hole. The problem is that we had to use four drives from each person on the eighteen holes. I don’t have a great drive so I was hoping to do well on the short holes so the team would not be handicapped by my short drives. We used one of my drives on the first eleven holes. So on the final seven we had to use three of mine. I was worried about it. But it turned out I had two great drives in a row. I had a two-hundred and twenty-five yard drive followed by a two-hundred-fifteen yard drive. On one short Par four Ben drive to the green in one. We were about twenty feet or so out. I took the first put and sank it for the Eagle! I was really happy about that.

Ben, Scotty, Mike, Ryan

We ended with a four under and ended up in fifth place. Last time Ben’s team took first place. But I don’t think I really handicapped the team that much at all. We won some prizes. I got a three pack of golf balls.

Colfax Police Officer Nebe and the Steer

While we were on the course around the second hole I looked over and a steer was running on the course. Ben got some pics. It was running around and Bryce from Colfax PD tried to get it back to the slaughter house. The steer had nothing to do with that and ran across the course and across a green leaving hoof prints all the way across it. When we got to the seventh hole we heard a gunshot come from the neighborhood to the South. A tiny bit later we saw the steer run back really close to the ninth hole that we were on. It was bleeding and pretty mad at that time. It ran past the ball that Mike drove on the ninth hole and got some blood on the ball.

Mike with the blood red ball

Finally it made its way back to the slaughter house and Scott from Colfax fire was asked to come down and finish it off. With one shot between the eyes it was dropped.

I went home and grabbed my computer and stuff for the football game. I called Ryan twice and left messages. He never answered his phone nor returned my messages. I am disappointed that Ryan is not willing to help me when I need him.

I made my way to the Kibbie Dome. After the eighteen holes of golf my ankle was really sore. I was hobbling everywhere. I got my computer set up and got the final touches on the teams’ roster text files. I got the script for the game. I was going to have to do it on my own today again. But I am hoping with my FootballPA application that I will be able to do it.

Brian’s, the teams’ PR guy, brother was going to ask his girlfriend to marry her at half time. We set up a screen to read out “Lisa, will you marry me?” At half time I made an announcement that there was a special message on the screen. I never heard what the answer was because Brian’s brother never showed back up to the stats booth where he did stats. So I am not sure if things went well. I am sort of thinking they did not go well.

I was able, with the help of the FootballPA do the game by myself. For the most part I was able to keep up with things and did a good job I believe. I made notes of things I would like to change about it to make it easier to use for the next time.

After the game I got some dinner and drove to Colfax. I dropped some stuff off at the coroner’s office and then went to control and talked to the guys up there for a tiny bit. I was tired so I went home and watched some TV before falling asleep.

Two movie night

April 8th, 2005

On my way into work I was thinking about the FootballPA application I created. I was thinking about a way of making it work a little better. When the players’ numbers are entered it would display the players’ names and also clear out the entry box as well as put focus back on the first box. That was the clear button would not have to be clicked between plays. When the next numbers were entered it would clear out the output boxes before displaying the new information.

Following that I went to lunch with Ricky. We got some subs. I went back and started to chow on it. That I realized it was mom’s weekend. That means the roads will be filled with slow moving cars. It was not too bad until I was around mile post eighty. Then it started to get thick. I was able to pass the cars pretty easily. I finally arrived in town and then headed to Pullman. Ryan and I were going to see Sahara. They were talking with Steve Zahn on K-Rock this morning about the movie. It turned out to be a good movie. There is a lot of room for a sequel to this one. I asked Ryan if he got my message about helping me at the football game. I still had not been able to find anyone. The reason Ryan doesn’t want to do it is because he does not think he will have fun. He does not see it as helping a friend in need. It is about him.

After the movie I saw a couple Pullman Fire Reserves and a Colfax Volunteer going to see the same movie. Ryan and I went to get a pizza and then to his place. He rented National Lampoon’s Golddiggers. That had a few laughs but over all was a painful movie to watch. Following the movie I headed home.

Football PA

April 7th, 2005

I started out with an idea and by the time I went to bed it was a version one-point-oh really. The idea was to have a computer application that I could type in the numbers of a football player or players into a home team and away team text box. It would then print out the names of the players I needed to read off. It would give their number, name, and phonetic pronunciation if it is a hard one. This will make it easier for me rather than looking up numbers on two lists, trying not to lose my place and announce them. Now it will all be in one place.

I was last thinking of added a little yardage calculator that I could use to type in where a play started and ended for long plays and it will quickly tell me the yardage. It would have a button that would tell the computer the user crossed the fifty-yard-line. That will be an upgrade.

So far what I have is the simple form and a simple way of running it. It will read in text files, but they have to be formatted just right. I thought about using XML but I figured it would be easier to work with text files rather than XML because they are being built by hand. Maybe a future improvement will allow a copy and paste from something like an Excel spreadsheet that will have all the data there and then simply save as a text file. Then it would format the textfile for me. One other nice thing would be to read in a file and tell it to print it out on a legal size sheet of paper so I always have a paper backup just in case something goes down on the computer.

So when I got home from work Jon helped me out with some things to tie together the loose ends. It is working and ready for use this Saturday. I hope it will work like I want it to.

I may have to go and get a ten-key add on for the laptop or I may bring a normal size keyboard so I can more quickly type in the numbers. I choose to use the period as the number separator because the period is on the ten-keypad if that is the way I go, so I can do the whole entry and read out with one hand.

More of Janders

April 6th, 2005

I spent some time chatting with Joe online today. The plan after work was to go to Microsoft and listen to a talk on best practices. It turned out to be more or less a waste of time. I did not walk out of there knowing anything of importance.

Then I went home and worked on the Janders Electronics website. There were some changed Joe wanted to have implemented. I got those taken care of.

Finally I watched SouthPark and watched the boys trying to lose at baseball because they did not want to play. But the other teams were in the same boat. And the other teams were better at losing that SouthParks’ team.

Coaching little league baseball

April 5th, 2005

I got the LPX XML validator working correctly, so I started in on the console application that will check the date on a file and E-mail our network admin if it is wrong. I got most of it written, but at four o’clock PM I had to head out for a baseball game.

I went to the baseball field. I helped to line the field first. Then I worked with the boys. I did grounders to the second baseman who would throw it to first. But these are all first graders so it is pretty hard to keep their attention. Like Jon said it is like herding cats.

The game started and I hung out in the outfield helping the kids stay focused and telling them where to throw the ball when a play happened. I also played first base coach. It is funny these kids have such a different level of experience and ability.

When the game was complete I went home and got some dinner. I watched House and I tried to watch Deadwood, but I was so tired I kept dozing off. I finally decided to call it a night and went to bed.

Mariner’s Opening Day 2005

April 4th, 2005

I woke up before five o’clock am today so I could get a few things completed before Ryan and I were to meet up at Rosauers. I went to the coroners office and checked out the new computer in the coroners office. It is a four-hundred MHz system. Pete wanted me to see if it would work for what we need. It needs a CD-burner and a card reader but it should do okay. It is maxed out with two-hundred-and-fifty-six meg of RAM. So it is slow, but for what we need to do that should be okay.

I went to Rosauers and I was ahead of schedule so I got an omelet for breakfast. Ryan showed up and he grabbed a donut. I ate and then we headed out. I had my personal radios so we could talk. He kept up with me just fine. We cruised across the state talking about everything.

When we got into Bellevue he followed me to my work. I made him instructions on how to get back. He was going to meet me at noon for the Mariners game. Terry gave me permission to skip a meeting so I could hit the game. I spent some time at my desk working until a little after noon. Ryan showed up and we headed out. I was in my truck and he drove his car. We planned on going to the Bellevue Park and Ride and going from there. But it was packed so we went to the Factoria Mall. I parked my truck and got in with Ryan. There was a lot of traffic on I-ninety when we got close to the field so we went South on I-five. But it was not much better on the surface streets.

Finally after finding no free parking and no place to park for pay, we drove to the Seahawk Stadium parking garage. We parked there and got inside about ten minutes before game time. We missed the Presidents of the USA concert, but we did see the salute to the ninety-five season and we saw Edgar throw out the first pitch. In the first inning Sexson hit a three-run homerun. In the third he hit a two run homerun. That was all the Mariners scored. Jamie Moyer pitched really well and got the win. The Mariners beat the Twins five to one.

Then we left and got a polish sausage for each of us. They were pretty spicy. When we got back to Ryan’s car at the top of the parking garage we sat there for a while. Ryan talked on the phone and I took two more pictures. I had a water. We thought about waiting for the traffic to settle down but I said we would be better off going. I expected to sit for an hour to get out. It only took about fifteen minutes. Then we got on I-ninety and cruised to the Factoria Mall. I got my truck and headed home. Ryan called and said his parents wanted me to go to dinner with them. But they were eating back at Factoria and they were all there. I said that I was pretty much home and my parents were expecting me for dinner there.

Before the game Boone was given his Gold Glove Award.

Edgar throws out the first pitch. It was a little outside.

Jamie Moyer throws the 1st pitch of the 2005 season. It was a ball.

Ichiro gets his and the Mariners’ first basehit of 2005. A single to right.

A Moyer pitch is fouled off. You can see the ball above the hitter.

Richie Sexson hits his first homerun as a Mariner. The first Mariner homerun of 2005 and earns the first Mariner RBI’s of 2005. You can see the ball near the first base line. The ball went out in left field over the hand operated score board.

Sexson comes around after his homerun.

Sexson stats. Including his 1.000 batting average.

Sexson’s second at bat and second homerun. You can see the ball above the umpires head. The ball went out in dead center field near the 405 mark.

Sexson touching home after his homerun.

Sexson’s stats, including his two homeruns, five RBI and 1.000 batting average.

Everyday Eddie comes in to finish the game.

The final score of the first Mariners win in 2005.

Intramural’s week two

April 3rd, 2005

I was woken up to a EMS call. I rushed to the station and made the call. It was a lady who was sick. After the call I hung out at the station. I talked with Carl and watched some TV. I was going to hang around to see if any more calls would come out. I was getting tired so I went home and I planned on taking a nap.

When I got there I found out I was supposed to be on call for the coroners office. I didn’t think I was on call today. So I called Pete and let him know I was around and available. I then went to my bed to take a nap. I slept for about an hour when Pete called.

There was a death at the hospital. I called the Colfax hospital and found out the details. It sounded like a case we would turn down because the doctor would sign off on the death. I was happy because it was getting close to game time. I went back to sleep.

My alarm clock sounded and I drove to Pullman for the games. The weather was better. We started by playing the Longballs. We lost two to fifteen. We did not make it through the order twice. I only had one at bat and it was an out.

We went to the next field and did some BP and infield practice. Then the second game started. I pitched the first one so I let Dave pitch the second game. It was a closer game but we still lost. Three to four. So we have to win one of the two games next week to make the play offs. I again went oh-for.

I grabbed some dinner and went home. I watched the Simpsons and the Sketch Show then I went to bed. I had to get up early and get some stuff done before I left Colfax.

Thunder Home Opener

April 2nd, 2005

This morning I was woken up by my pager, but I never heard the call out. I missed the call. I went to the station anyway and hung out for a few hours. Ken and I talked about religion and watched a movie call the Doctor. Then I called Reggie because I had not heard from him. He flaked out on me and now I don’t have a spotter. So I started to call everyone in my phone book to see if I could find someone. I could not. As a last resort I called Ryan hoping he would help me out in my time of need. He did not.

I stopped at Big-Five and got some binoculars to use at the game. I drove to the stadium. I met up with Brian. I got the team roster and I got the other teams’ roster. I started to get their names written down if they were hard to pronounce. Several players said hello and shook my hand. It was good to see people. I went into my booth and set up my stuff.

I had a real hard time at first trying to say the offense and defense players when they made the play plus all the announcements. Finally I decided that I would only do defense if it was quick and easy. Other than that I only announced the offense. I think I started to better after that. I still made a few errors with saying things. I got tongue tied at times. But over all I think I did an okay job.

After the game Jerry said he wanted me to be a lot more one-sided in my announcements. He pretty much wants me to be a cheerleader and get people to make noise on third down and other things. I am not sure that it is right, but he is the team owner so I will do so.

After the game I went home. Then I stopped at the jail. I hung out there most of the evening. Ryan tried to call about eight times. I did not answer the phone. I just let it go to voice mail. The last time he tried was about one am. I was not much in the mood to talk with him.

A day of Jokes

April 1st, 2005

I was thinking about going down the the radio station (K-Rock) and trying out for the Jerry Seinfeld show. I did not do it though. I got up a little later than I wanted and headed into work the new way, going through Issaquah. I don’t know if it is any faster, but there is a lot less stops. So gas mileage should be better.

I went to work for a while but I wanted to get going because I was going to meet up with Ben and we were going to watch Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle. I was excited to hang out with Ben again. Before I left work I saw a cake in the kitchen. It said to cut a piece. I started to and saw that it was an April Fools joke. It was a box with frosting on it.

Then I posted on G-Shack that it was going to go offline forever at the end of the month. Many people were fooled by it. It was funny. I also posted on that WSU sold the rights to Tully’s coffee to put a big green T on the top of Bryan Tower.

I helped him set up his new computer with his E-mail and other files from his old laptop. I also brought over my external drive. I gave him all my MPThrees. I also gave him a few other things from it. We watched an old episode of South Park. Then we watched our movie. Ben made me a couple DVD’s using his new burner. He gave me Caddyshack.

I had a good time hanging out with Ben. He is a super nice guy and a ten-six-seven.