Not working on anything

March 31st, 2005

So I am still in a holding patter at work. Just waiting for stuff to come down the pipeline. I spent most of the day just doing stuff on the Nadirs’ website.

My dad’s stuff

March 30th, 2005

I got the records page completed. I also updated the rest of the site with the new records page replacing the standing page I was never able to properly keep up with. The site is new and cruising along.

Jon came over with stuff for my mom because of her birthday yesterday. He also brought over the stuff that my Aunt Karen brought to us that had belonged to my dad. It included his first wedding ring. He was married for about a year. The women he had married moved to California and was murdered down there by her new boyfriend.

There was also his old grade school report cards. Some of his books. It has some pictures. There was a photocopy of a letter he wrote while in the military. There was also some funeral programs for a couple guys who were my dad’s age who died in a car accident on December seventeenth, nineteen-fifty-seven. My dad was in the car as well. Two guys died. My mom told me one guy who died was alive at first and he had a hole in his lung and when he would breath blood was coming out his mouth. Sounded very violent.

I watched SouthPark and they did an episode that was a commentary on the Terri Schiavo case. It was an interesting take that they had on it. Kenny was Terri and Cartman was Michael.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

March 29th, 2005

Today is my mom’s birthday. I got her a card when I came home from the office. I spent the day today doing more work on the website for my softball team. I even put together a “records” page with the old era records and new era records. With the change in style of doing stats I figured it would be unfair to have stats that covered everything because in the past we use to count anything that got you on base as a basehit, even if it was really a fielders choice or an error. The old batting averages were artificially high because of that. So were other stats.

I got home with the card for my mom around eight pm. We had dinner then I went to my room and talked to Ben and Ryan on the phone. We talked about softball and I asked Ben if he wanted to watch Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. He said he did. So we will do that on Friday.

I watched some TV and then got on the computer and checked my E-mail and a couple message boards before finding my way to sleep.

Short work day

March 28th, 2005

I got to work around ten-thirty am because I got a late start from Colfax. I hung around work doing work on the Nadirs website. Around three-thirty I talked to Terry. He said I could cut loose and go home. So I headed home and that was it for work.

I sat around the house and just relaxed. I did not have anything going on at all. It was nice to just sit around and do nothing.

Softball Season is GAME ON!!!

March 27th, 2005

What excitement is hovering over me. Today is the first softball games of the season. It has been raining all weekend and I am slightly concerned that they will be cancelled, but the IM’s hardly ever get cancelled.

We had a practice at noon at the Valley Road Playfields. Everyone except Mark showed up. We practiced for about one hour. I gave everyone some BP. I watched the new guy do some pitching. Some of the new guys look good.

After practice Ryan and I went to Cougar Country for dinner. Then I decided to go to Moscow to get some new plastic spikes for my cleats. But the mall was closed. I went to Tri-State. They did not have any, but I got some batting gloves for the cold weather. It stings my hands when it is cold. I also got a new thirty dollar bat to use for cold weather. I figured I would not mind if it got ruined. It is a twenty-six ounce thirty-four inch bat.

I went to my office and went to sleep for a while. I was really tired. I did not get a lot of sleep. When it was getting closer to game time I got ready and headed to the Valley Road Playfields. I waited until some other people got there. I met up with other players on the team and we headed to our field. We played our first game. It was so wet it was crazy.

Phil was not going to be there for the whole game so I volunteered to sit on the bench and replace Phil when he had to leave. We were playing Below Me. They are a good team. They only had eight guys. We beat them sixteen to nine. I have the stats from the game on the website I got in and played catcher when Phil left. I had one at bat and it was a single. So I am batting a thousand for the season so far. The second game was a FFT by the other team. We we are two and oh. With one more win we go to the playoffs for the first time in about two seasons.

Following the games I went to Cougar Country. I got some hamburgers and went home. I watched some TV before going to bed. I had to get up and travel to Seattle tomorrow so I need to get some rest.

All day with Ryno!

March 26th, 2005

With my alarm clock buzzing I got up and headed to the coroners office for the meeting. We went over the last few cases and we looked over the autopsy shots from the murder that happened a few weeks ago. It was interesting to see the bullet path and the damage to the brain.
Following the meeting I went into the SO and printed off a few things for my softball team and checked my E-mail. The plan for the day was to hang out with Peter like we had planned. I called him around noon and let him know I was free and to give me a call when he was available. I sat around the house for a while relaxing.

Then I decided to go to my office and get some stuff on the computer done. I had a few thousand E-mail messages I had to sort. I spent a lot of time doing that. I hate paying first step internet for spam service and still getting as much spam as I do. It is horrible.

It was getting later. I was going to get a pizza from Little Caesars. When I was there I called Ryan. He said he was at Blockbuster. So I went in there and found him. We rented a movie called Blackball. It was about a young guy who breaks into the British Bowls scene that is dominated by old high-class people. It is by National Lampoon. It was okay, but I understand why it never had a huge following. Ryan has a membership at Blockbuster where he can rent as many movies as he wants for a flat fee.

We went back to Blockbuster and got Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. I also bought a couple movies that were on sale. I got Saw, Anchoman, and two other movies. We grabbed a pizza from Little Caesars this time through. I was still waiting for a call from Peter but none were coming and by now it was after five pm.

We started to watch Harold and Kumar when I got a call from Ben. He was going to have a poker game and wanted to know if Ryan and I wanted to come. I did but Ryan didn’t. I didn’t want to leave Ryan, but I wanted to go. I tried to get him to go but he was refusing. He is like a bump on the log. If he does not *think* he will have fun he will not do it. It limits some of the things we can do together. So after much coaxing I got him to go. I was surprised because normally he will not change his mind about that stuff.

So we stopped the movie where it was and went to Bens. We were only going to be there for a couple hours. It turned into about four hours. We started by playing tournament style Texas Hold’em. Then when enough people were eliminated we played Apples to Apples. It is a real fun card game I had never heard of until tonight. Ben also got Ryan and I in the helmet club. When I get a copy of the pic I will post it. It is terrible!

After the tournament was over we started to play four-five-six. I played that for a few hours. Everyone was really liking the game. At one point Ben was up more then twenty bucks. I did a twenty dollar bet. Ben “aced-away”. His girlfriend got really mad. We joked about Ben sleeping on the couch because of that.

Later on Ryan and I left and finished watching Harold and Kumar. I laughed a whole bunch more. I took off after the movie and went home. I watched TV for a while before finally finding my way to bed.

As it turns out Peter never called. I am glad I did not sit around waiting for him to call me. It seems that he is really flaky. I am not sure what the issue is with him, but I have to believe there is still something there.

Happy Birthday Nick!

March 25th, 2005

I had big plans for the day. I was going to get a new battery in my truck. I was going to drive the Bumblebee around. I was going to get my trucks’ license renewed. I was going to work at the jail. Then I was going to go to Nick’s surprise birthday party. Well that was all dashed when I woke up a few hours later than I had planned. I set the alarm clock, but did not turn it on.

So I got up and went straight to the jail. I got lunch at Bulldog Pizza on the way. I mainly stayed in control the whole time and then I helped the captain with a computer problem at his house. I had him buy some new equipment for his computer. So I will be installing that stuff for him one of my next trips into town. I went to the auditors office and got new tabs for my truck. While at the jail Sgt Poffenroth asked if she was the only who did not know that John (name changed) was gay. She said that she was really surprised. She said that she had no clue but it was clear that everyone else seemed to know. I played dumb with her and tried to get more information about how she had heard about it. She said everyone knew. One day the topic came up and when she found out, everyone else in the room was shocked that she did not know. I told her that it was just rumors. I said that he had said in the past it was not true. I asked what evidence others had, if John had told them. She said it was the other officers figured it out because of the guy John was always with and whatnot. Then I went home and got ready for Nick’s surprise party. I got Ryan and we drove to Russell’s place.

We were the first there. So we went inside and waited for Russell to show up. When he got there I helped him get a few things set up. Then he went to get Nick and took him out to Dairy Queen for dinner. Everyone else was gathering for the party. When they finally showed up, everyone yelled Happy Birthday. Nick was really surprised. He was happy and had a good time. He did not know we were doing that.

The people at the party were on the left side of the isle politically. So I was the only conservative there. A few of the people were on We talked about the WalMart thing and joked around a little bit. Ryan and I left to get some dinner at Taco Bell in Moscow. The others were planning on going to the Show in Moscow.

Ryan and I went to his apartment. We ate and then played Madden Football. I threw for almost eight-hundred yards of passing. My team is currently undefeated. It is going well. I also spent time when I was not playing trying to get Ryan’s computer cleaned of spyware and viruses.

An Evening with the Peterman

March 24th, 2005

At work today I spent most of it helping to clean a computer of spyware. It was so bad it would not get on the network at all. It was really slow. It was in bad shape. But I used my magic fingers to type in the address of the spyware applications I like the best and I get the computer responding and working like a champ. The coroners meeting for tonight was cancelled but I planned on going over anyway because Peter and I had plans on hanging out.

I did not have to be in a huge hurry so I left work after I got the computer taken care of. I got some lunch and I got some chew. It was my first dip in a week. I hit the road and the traveling was pretty tame. I made good time and I got to my house a little after six pm. I hung out at home for a while watching some TV. Peter and I had planned on meeting sometime after nine, but I was free earlier. So I called him and he said he was doing something on the computer but would be done in about an hour. So I drove to Pullman and got some dinner and stopped at my office. I did some stuff on the computer and waited for Peter’s call.

Around eight he called me and I went over there. We started to talk about the small stuff. What each other has been up to and all that crap. Then we started to talk about his project that he is doing and presenting. He is interested in seeing what I can do or offer for the business plan. We talked about the business plan in depth and we talked about programming in general.

At one point I had his cell phone and took a few pics with it. He has it set up with my first name. But I never go by my first name with him. I have no idea why he set it up like that. So I was going to change the name to Scotty Walkin like Ryan’s phone is set up. As I was trying to do it he wanted to see what I was doing with it. He was wrestling me for the phone just like we did back in the day. It was always fun to wrestle like that with him. Finally I got done with the phone what I wanted so I gave it to him.

He looked at it and asked where the name Scotty Walkin came from. I said Little Ceasars. He thought the back story was lacking. We started to laugh then I told him it was the name they had on the pizza receipt one day when I got a pizza that was carry-out.

I hung out for several hours with him. We watched SouthPark and the Jeff Foxworthy Roast as well and just talking about everything under the sun. I still have not asked the question that I want to know the answer to, but that will come someday. He said he puts a lot of trust into me. He knows that I am trustworthy and he values that. So I hope that someday he will admit to me what the issue was. He admitted to me that he was an “asshole” to me and was sorry for being that way to me. There is still some tension between us and I don’t know if it will ever go away. Maybe I would feel more at ease around him if he were to tell me what the issue was.

At the end of the night we decided that we would get together on Saturday and watch Saw and do stuff.

T-Ball Practice with Justin

March 23rd, 2005

Jon is down in Arizona for the Mariners Spring Training. I was asked to take Justin to his practice because Lisa would be taking Logan to his practice. I got off work a little early and drove to Jon’s to get Justin.

We started to go to the field and I asked Justin if he knew where we were going. He said he did not. So I said, let’s drive around until we find it. He said okay. So I went to where it was. And then he got all excited. He said we were in the right spot. Then we got his stuff from the truck and he hurried to the field because he thought we were late. We were the first ones there. I threw the ball with him for a while. Well it was more like ran after the ball when he threw it and rolled it back to him. Then the practice started. That takes a lot of talent to work with a bunch of five-year-old kids with an attention span of about thirty seconds.

Follow practice I took Justin home and waited for Lisa. Justin and I played a Scooby Doo video game while we waited. When Lisa got home she fixed pizza for us. Justin, Logan, and I played some board games. The last game we played was sorry. I lost to Logan on it. I think he played with some rules that were not regulation, but that was house rules, I guess.

I headed home after that. I watched my CSI TV shows. I decided to go to bed earlier than normal because I wanted to try to get a decent night’s sleep.

Can’t eat vinegar

March 22nd, 2005

Went to lunch with Jon and Jim today. They are heading off to Arizona tonight. I got my normal BBQ diplet from the Three-Pigs. As I tried to eat the BBQ sauce it had a horrible taste. But it was not the BBQ sauce it was the way my nose and tastebuds were reacting to my meds and my sickness. I am pretty sure it was the vinegar because that was sticking out in a major way. It almost made me sick just to smell it.

Then at home when I was trying to eat dinner. I was using ketchup. The same thing was happening. I don’t know when that will go away. But it was not like that on Saturday night when I went out for the hamburger in Bellingham.

More than sick?

March 21st, 2005

Well I talked to Pete on the phone about the Coroners meeting on Thursday and I was telling him about my cold and the symptoms. He said that it sounded like the flu his wife just had. It is a different kind of flu. He said in her it turned into pneumonia quickly. So I looked up the symptoms of pneumonia. Several were similar to what I had, but the one that stuck out was the singular or multiple episodes of teeth-chattering-shivering and feeling cold. I had that on the night I started to feel sick. So I think I could have or do have pneumonia. I don’t know if that is totally correct, but that one symptom seems to go well with the other symptoms.

Terri Schiavo is not a vegetable

March 21st, 2005

Why is it that many people are trying to say that to take Terri Schiavo off a feeding tube or not is a private matter and now that the federal government passed a bill there is doubt whether other private matters will remain private?

This case is not like many others that people are trying to say it is like. Dori Monson, a right-wing talk show host from KIRO-Radio in Seattle claims that no one was fighting for his relative in the final months of the disease that took her life. He said it was a private family issue and he is glad the government did not interfere. The difference that Dori is overlooking includes the fact that his relative was in a terminal illness and even with machine would die in short order. Dori is also ignoring the fact that in Schiavo’s case you have a public issue. It has been in the courts for years and there are questions whether justice is being served. In Dori’s relatives’ case there was a choice for no machines. So there was no argument, there were no issues. In Schiavo’s case there was no living will. There is a husband who claims she said she does not want to live that way, but there is also an affidavit from a former co-worker of Schiavo where she made a statement about someone else being taken off of life support and how the person should not have been taken off of it. Leading people to believe that maybe she was not against life support.

Many people are trying to compare apples and oranges in this case. In most cases the family makes a joint decision or there is a living will that states the person’s wishes. Schiavo’s case is different.

In this case you have her parents who say she is responding and there is hope. You have a husband who claims she wished not to live this way and is only trying to follow her wishes. In my view it is not in writing so it did not happen. I say that because we are talking about a life and death issue and we should err on the side of life if there is nothing in writing. Maybe the day Schiavo told her husband that she did not want to live on machines was an anomaly and she would actually prefer to be given every chance. I think the lower courts have made some presumptions that I would hate for someone to make on my behalf. Also, I could not imagine how hard it would be for the parents who want to give Schiavo every chance to rehabilitate. I think of the situation of Nick Berg. He was decapitated in Iraq. His parents were helpless as someone else made decisions about his life and his parents were only able to sit by and watch him die. Schiavo’s parents can see their daughter, hold her, feel her, and are able to do something to stop her from dying, but the court said no, she will die. That would just eat me up inside.

I spent some time at and watched some of the videos. This was after listening to a Nobel Prize-nominated doctor in the field of head injuries. He spent more than ten hours with Schiavo and said she can be rehabilitated. That she can swallow and eat. That she could watch movies and interact with people. But she has been held back by her husband who has not allowed those things to happen. The doctor spoke of things she was doing I had no clue she was doing. I have always thought she was a “vegetable” just lying in bed doing nothing at all. That is far from the truth. Now more than ever I think that if she dies it will not be a nice thing for her finally, instead that it will be a tragic situation where a life was cut short. There is no reason she should die right now. She needs to be given to the custody of her parents who will work with her and rehabilitate her.

Happy Birthday Wenis

March 20th, 2005

I feel a little worse today than I did yesterday. I am still not getting good sleep, but I don’t seem to be too tired. I am coughing a lot but I am not getting the phlegm out so when I breathe deep it sounds like gurgling. Yes, this is quite nasty, isn’t it? One of the worst things is my nose is either really stuffy and I cannot breathe through it or I use some meds to reduce the stuffiness, but that dries it up so much that the cold dry air going through my nose causes a stinging-like feeling each time I breathe in. Yeah, it sucks to be sick. I have not been sick like this for a long time.

I went to he store to get some NyQuil because I figured that I would use it to help me get a good nights sleep. While at the store I saw Gary’s mom, Natalie. It was great to see her. We hugged and then talked for a few minutes.

I went home and checked on the webcam that is monitoring the backyard. I still have to work on getting the settings so it only records when major movement happens. It seemed to be hit off by anything last time. It actually filled up the hard drive with twenty-second videos.

I came inside and I talked to Ryan on the phone for a little while about my ride along from last night. I also called Richard and wished him a happy birthday. He sort of sounded like he was wondering why in the heck I would be calling him. Oh well, I wished him a happy birthday all the same.

I had dinner and did the dishes and rushed to my room to watch my normal Sunday night TV shows. I also spent some time talking to Peter online. After my shows were over with I took my NyQuil and went fast to sleep.

Riding with Joe — Again

March 19th, 2005

I planned on sleeping in as much as I could so I would not be tired tonight. I stayed up until four o’clock am. But duing my sleep I found myself waking up every few hours. I was not sleeping well.

I pretty much sat around the house watching TV and doing stuff on the computer while waiting to find out if Joe would be working tonight or if he would be sick again. He said we would be working. So I left around three o’clock pm. I got some corndogs and cough medicine from Safeway.

I hit the road and was cruising along. There was a slow down around Everett. But it got cruising again. I was talking to Ryan about a lot of things. We spoke about the basketball tournament mostly. He was telling me about yet another of my teams losing.

About ten miles outside of Bellingham there was a slow down. I thought it was a traffic jam. It turns out some small convertible rolled over on the right shoulder. People were stopping to help. About ten people had stopped. I kept going because there were so many people there and I was in the wrong lane to stop quickly.

I got into Bellingham and drove to Joe’s house. He just bought a new house. It is three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms. It is a pretty nice house. He got a call from John, another deputy, about going out to dinner. So we drove to downtown Bellingham and got a hamburger at this bar and grill. It was good food.

Then we went back to Joe’s. I set him up with FTP access to the website so he could move over pics and PDF files. He got ready to work and I got one more shot of medicine taken before we headed out.

The night was pretty uneventful. It was really windy and that caused many alarms to sound, most likely due to poorly shut doors blowing open in the strong wind. We also helped a local city PD arrest a guy for domestic violence. I also told Joe the Green Golf Balls story. He was not impressed and vowed to get me back.

One of the things Joe loved to do was get me on a road and ask what direction I thought we were heading. Most of the time I was off by one-hundred and eighty degrees. So I would say East and we were going West, etc. He got a kick out of how backwards I was.

He also drove me to the boarder and I got to see it. It was seriously a ditch. There was a residentail two-lane road on the American side and the same thing on the Canadian side. There was about a eight to ten foot grassy area and a ditch that was about two to three feet deep. It is funny was separates American and Canada. I could litterally get out of the car and walk into Canada with nothing but a three foot deep ditch to go through.

At about two-thirty we were close to Joe’s place and I was planning on calling it a night at three so he headed to his house and dropped me off. I drove home as quick as I could because I was getting tired and I wanted to get to bed.

Jello Shots

March 18th, 2005

When I got to work Terry and Shawn were having a smoke out back. We were talking about my ride along. Terry asked what I had going for the day. I told him I was done with my bug, so he told me to take off early. So I stuck around until around one pm and then left for lunch.

I hit the highway and I was on my way to Whatcom county. I was about twenty miles from Bellingham when Joe called and said he was sick and would not be going on patrol. So I turned around and headed home. I had planned on helping out my softball team at the bar on Saturday, but I would be going with Joe on Saturday, so I called Eric and he said I could come over tonight to help out in making the Jello Shots.

I got home and my parents were planning on going to the Eagles for dinner and invited me. I went down and I was not feeling all that hungry so I ate what I could and then I left to go to Seattle to Eric’s condo. My job was to pour the liquefied jello mix into the shot cups. Other put the lids on them and then Mark put them in boxes. After we were done I drove them to the bar. Mark and Gerry took them into the bar.

I was planning on meeting Dave at Billies Casino. I pulled out some money from the cash machine and started to play. The Four-card poker table was full. I played some PaiGow to start out. I was doing well, then the dealers changed and I started to lose. So I went to a blackjack table. I got a couple blackjacks in a row then the shoe changed and I went down hill.

I moved to four-card poker because the table had some spaces on it. I played for a while and was doing well. Then I got a straight-flush. That was a forty-to-one odds on my five dollar bet. Plus another twenty-to-one odds on a second five dollar bet. So I won more than three hundred dollars in the one hand, because I also got paid fifteen buck on the final bet. Dave and I were given another comp for a meal. So we decided to quit after a little while. I cashed in and I was up three-sixty. We got dinner. Then as I figured we would be going Dave suggested we play some more.

We went over to the four-card poker table again. I sat in the first position and I sat at an angle because there were two ten-six-seven’s playing pool. I keep watching the ten-six-seven’s and I was unable to concentrate on the cards. Finally they left and I got to playing. I was doing well for a while and then I could not get a hand. So finally I told Dave I was done. I walked out with another forty bucks for a total winnings of four hundred bucks on the night.

Would you let your daughter die?

March 18th, 2005

Terri Schiavo has been in a coma for many years due to a medical problem when she was having an operation. He husband has since moved on and want to have her feeding tube removed so she can die. He claims that is what she would have wanted.

He parents on the other hand have not given up hope and want to fight for her to live. They are holding out what hope there is left. They are willing to take over her care and keep fighting for her. But her husband will not give her over.

The lawyer for her husband, Michael, said “It’s a constitutional right to say, “I don’t want medical treatment” and the state can’t force you to have it.” I will not argue with that, but show me anywhere in writing where she said that. It is not in writing. You only have one person’s word for it. And if my life were on the line I would hope that someone would not believe the word of one person over my life.

So we are to the point where the judge says pull the feeding tube which will starve Terri to death over the next few days to weeks. She will then die. But she has people who want to help her fight. So why not give her the chance? Why is the husband so willing to give up the fight even though other want to fight.

I think the most scary thing is that she is someone’s daughter. She is wanted by her parents and they have no rights in this whole thing. Their wishes are being superseded by a man who wants their daughter dead.

That would be such a horrible feeling for the parents. To know that your daughter will die and you have no ability to stop it, yet you could if the legal system would give them the ability.

Went into work sick and all

March 17th, 2005

After trying to get a good sleep last night I finally got out of bed at around seven o’clock am. I went down stairs. I was a tiny bit light headed still and a bit of a head ache, but over all I was doing a little better. I do not skip work unless I cannot get out of bed. If I call in sick, I really am sick. So, I figured I could make it in today.

I got in and with a lot of people getting days off and vacation I was one of the few people in today. Jon helped me with the problem of the AppExports. It is done finally and I feel good about getting that off my plate.

I went home and we had some dinner I was not all that hungry so I nibbled at dinner. Then I went to my room and watched some old video tapes I had. I was starting to watch the Cabbage Patch Play from when I was in the fifth grade, but the tape would not go more than five minutes without it starting to be too degraded to play.

I went down stairs and watched Win Ben Stein’s Money as well as Deadwood. I spent a fair amount of time on the computer trying to get caught up on the shack. I was way behind in my posts so I had to go back five pages to get caught up.

I am siiiiiiick.

March 16th, 2005

My day started out just like any other. I got into work and started to figure out why my box was not doing this one task. So I worked on it and I would fix one problem and then I would be lead to a new problem. Soon I had them all fixed and it was working for me. I was trying to get the new export stuff to work.

Around noon we had a company lunch and then we went into the meeting room and talked about the financial situation. Then some awards were given out to people who had put an outstanding level of work into the SR-Two project. They gave out some iPod’s and some other stuff.

After the meeting I was starting to go down hill. I did not really notice it until I went home. On the way home I was really light headed and I felt strange. My pulse was normal. There was a super awesome rainbow as well. It was so bright and vivid.

I got home and watched some TV for a few minutes before dinner. As I was eating I realized I was not feeling well. After dinner I went to bed. I took some cold medicine and then as I was laying there. I was so cold. I was shivering. So turned on my electric blanket to ten and put on some blankets. I started to warm up. I spent the evening just laying in bed and watching TV. I wanted to watch SouthPark before I finally would go off to sleep. I got some more water and a pitcher of water to have at my bedside. I still feel light headed and I am worried I will not be able to go to work tomorrow.

A good dinner

March 15th, 2005

We had fatback and gravy for dinner tonight. It is one of my favorite meals. It is like a thick bacon. The gravy is also very good. It is an artery hardening good time.

I worked on Joe’s website. I had to get some of the admin pages created for updating products. I changed the DB from the way the were given to us. Because of this I had to create a new entry and update page. I was going to create a delete page. But I think I will just have the products put into the category of none. That will make it so they don’t show up anywhere.

March 12, 1880 – Palouse Gazette

March 15th, 2005

This was taken from the March tenth, ought-five Whitman County Gazette in the “Good Old Day’s” section. If these were the worst problems we faced today.

While the mourners were following the remains of Mr. Hall to the graveyard last Friday afternoon, two or three heathenish louts, whose names we refrain from giving, on account of the respectability of their parents, amused themselves by dashing through the streets on horseback, uttering oaths and low bred sayings, and otherwise indulging in such conduct as rightly entitled them to ten days in the city jail. When will this city enforce its laws?

Traveling home with Travis.

March 14th, 2005

This morning when my alarm clock started to sound at five-thirty in the morning I was able to get up and I did not seem to be tired. I got my truck loaded and I was under way. I stopped at Rosauers for breakfast and pop and then to get some gas. The trip over was pretty quick. Very few cars were getting in my way so I was able to cruise without many problems.

I got to work and we had a meeting. We talked about getting out the door now. SR-Two was deployed this weekend and is working so we can start to work on new things. I am still working on the project from last week… and the week before. I hope to get it done soon.

I went back to my desk and I was doing other things so I never really got started on getting the stuff worked on today. We were told we should leave early, but I still go out the door at five pm. On the way home I was listening to Travis Fox fill in for John Carlson. I talked to Travis on the air. Then I went into the house. We had steak for dinner and Bill’s dad came over. After dinner I worked on a new product entry for Joe’s website. I still have to make a few other pages, but this is was big one to get out of the way.

The rest of the evening I spent just watching TV and chatting on the computer.

Sleepin in.

March 13th, 2005

I woke up on the couch where I had fallen asleep watching TV. So I went into my bedroom and went back to sleep. I was there for a few hours when a phone call from Ben came in. He was seeing what I was doing. It was just after noon. I had been sleeping. He teased me about still being in bed. He wanted to go golfing, but I realized that it would not be the best thing to do with my ankle. I wanted it to rest some more.

I got the checks made out for my home repairs and posted so the realtor can come and get them when he stops by the house.

I went to Rosauers and got some lunch and then to the Sheriff’s Office. I checked for some stuff in the coroners office that Pete said should be there. It was not. So I went into report writing. I got on a computer and check my E-mail. Dan was there and I helped him with a few things. We talked about stuff in general and he showed me some pics from his recent trip to Disneyland.

I left after a while and went to the fire station. Tim was working for Jenny and Dale was working for the PD. We were in the rec room at the fire station watching some TV and talking about what we were watching. It was a show about crime. The show went to someone’s house and asked the home owner if they could break into the house and steal stuff and then show the home owner why their house was a target and how to make the house more secure. It is pretty interesting to see the peoples’ reactions. I figure it will not be long before someone does a copy cat type crime and claims to be the show, but in fact not be the show and then steal stuff for real.

The show also gave me some ideas for making stuff more safe. One dealt with deadbolts and one dealt with bars on windows. I honestly think they could be something that people would be willing to buy. They would not make the house any more secure then the bars and current deadbolts, but it would make it more attractive for someone to get them and use them because it would be more user friendly and safer to use.

At seven o’clock was closing in I got some dinner and want home. I watched my Sunday night TV shows including the new “The Sketch Show”. There some really funny skits in it. I will continue to watch that show for sure.

Hanging out with Ben

March 12th, 2005

I got a call from Ben to start out my morning. We planning on meeting up and doing a short golf lesson and hitting the a bucket of balls. I met Ben at the golf course I paid my fees and bought a bucket of balls. I pulled out the seven iron and he started by telling me a lot of things about stance, holding the club, and the swing.

After getting through the bucket of balls my back was really hurting, but I was ready to get going. Ben’s friend showed up and we started with our three-some. After the first hole there was a solo golfer behind us. We invited that guy to join us. He did so for the rest of the way we had a four-some. I was not having the best of days but I was holding my own. Ben would give me some instruction on the course when certain situations came up. He taught me how to get out of a sandtrap. After we were done with the round of golf Ben and I decided to go to the WSU baseball game that was underway.

We went inside and saw Mark from our softball team. We sat behind home plate a few rows back. The score was seven to zero in the first inning. The Cougs were doing well. But while we were there we only saw good pitching, with no offense to speak of. Towards the middle of the game Ben asked if I wanted to go to his place and get something to eat real fast then come back.

So we drove to Ben’s and I had a beer and a TV dinner. We started to watch some of the Best of Will Ferrell. As we got into it Ben said we would go back to the game at three pm. So we left and walked back into the stadium. We got our seat. Started to get into the game. A guy from the other team hit into a double play and the game was over. We sort of laughed about the fact we came back for one more play.

We went back to Ben’s apartment. We were going to watch a couple movies. When I got there he had the idea to hit the softball for a while. So we went to the playfields and hit the ball about thirty times each. Then we went back to Ben’s apartment. We watched Caddyshack and Anchorman. I had never seen either of those movies. I was laughing so hard during them. Ben made a couple bags of popcorn. I could not believe how funny those movies were.

I talked to Ryan and we decided to go to dinner at Applebee’s in Moscow. So Ben and I rushed over there. We sat down and ate. JT was our waiter. He gave us all free pop. That was nice of him. After we finished eating we decided to hit the bars in Pullman. Ryan was the one who really wanted to go. So Ben got his car and drove us to My Office. We got on the trivia and I had one more beer. We played trivia until about two in the morning. Ben offered me a place to stay for the night, but I decided to head back to Colfax and sleep there.

Today was a blast. I have not had a day like this for a while. Just being busy doing fun stuff, one thing after another. And on top of that getting a chance to hang out with Ben so long without other people around. It was just a wonderful day.

New golf clubs

March 11th, 2005

I went to work and with my project finished, aside from the adding of the new type for the appexport, I spent time trying to step through the process to see where I could fix it.

Around noon a group of us went to lunch. We got some subs and I was given a coupon for a free sub and pop. So lunch did not cost me a thing. That was nice. Free lunches… nice!

I stuck around until about two o’clock pm. Then I hit the road. My cell phone was totally dead and I could not find the charger when I left my house. I was hoping it would be at my house in Colfax. While I was looking for it before leaving to go to work this morning I found the golf clubs that Jon gave me a while back. So I took those to Colfax with me.

When I got in I went to my house and put my golf clubs in my golf bag. Then I called Whitcom and let them know I would be on and available via radio only. I let them know my cell phone was dead and being charged. I put the phone on the charger and drove down the fire station.

I hung out there for a while and talked to Carl, Tim, and Ken. Tim and Ken left on a call and I chatted with Carl a little more. Around eight o’clock I went home and got my cell phone and then headed to Pullman. Ryan and I were going to watch Third Watch and go to see Hostage.

I also talked to Ben about golfing tomorrow. We are planning on meeting up around ten am. I called Phil, Ron, and Mark about golfing with us. None of them were able to go.

I got to Pullman and grabbed a pizza from Little Caesars. I went to Ryans. We ate the pizza and watched some TV. Then we went to see the movie. It was pretty good. The ending was lacking for me. Some loose ends did not seem like they were tied up for me. Some movies have been doing the recently and I don’t like that. But over all the movie was pretty good.

We headed back to Ryan’s apartment and watched SouthPark. I left and went home a little while after one am because I wanted to get a decent night of sleep.

Finally! The box is working!

March 10th, 2005

So the build is working. I got my box built and everything was working. The VI I had been assigned was rolled back and there was still something with reporting of application exports I needed to do. The DBA got the code I needed to add for the most part. All I needed to do was put it into the Webpage and make it work. There were a few things I had to fix, plus there was some data I had to figure out how to link to the SQL statements. Once I got that complete it all worked and life was good. I was able to check in my changes and move on with life.

When that was done the day was almost at an end. So I went home and watched some TV. Joe had sent me an E-mail about a new product to add to the database. I was going to try to get some other stuff done with the site, but by the time dinner was done I wanted to watch CSI. So I was watching that while the Cougs were playing Stanford in the Pac-Ten tournament. I was flipping back and forth. Then the game was down to the final minutes. The TV shows I like were done. Ryan called me and we watched the game together.

With less than ten seconds the Cougs were driving they had one last shot at the buzzer and it fell short. The Cougs lost by two and were knocked out of the tournament. It was disappointing, but the Cougs had a decent year and it will look better next year.

I got Joe’s addition made to the Website and I did not work on the other admin stuff. I was getting tired so I went to my bedroom I watched some TV before I decided to go to sleep.

No work this evening.

March 9th, 2005

I spent some time archiving my old blog and moving it to a new server, I also started this new blog. The name is from a line in the Pink Floyd song Time. That song makes me reflect on my life thus far and reminds me that many times I am wasting it.

I spent the day at work trying to get my box rebuilt yet again. We have been working on the scripts for building the box, trying to get them perfected. So that is why I have been having problems with it.

I went home tonight and never got on Joe’s site. There were a few things I could do, things I will have to do for administration purposes, but they are not critical as I have other ways to handle those admin things, so I let myself relax tonight. I spent most of my time reading the Shack and watching some TV.

Welcome to the new blog

March 9th, 2005

My old blog is still around and will always be around, it is just time to start on a new one. This is one where I am not advertising it as much. So if you know where this is, it is because I told you.

Welcome to Scotty Blog v.Two. Shorter of breath – one day closer to death.

PS if you go to you will see where this blog name comes from.