Final Ought-Nine Softball Tournament

October 10th, 2009

I came down to San Diego to play in a softball tournament. I am playing with a group of guys I don’t know. I was looking forward to just going out there and doing my thing. I am going to let me play do the talking. I started out hitting number eight. But my hitting was doing very well. I was hitting six of seven with a ROE in the first two games. Before I knew it I was batting second. I knew my hitting would speak for itself.

We started one and one in the round robin play. We were seeded in the lower-C bracket. We went out and played well. The first game we won pretty convincingly. The second bracket game of the night, our fourth overall game was a lot different.

We battled back and forth. It was close. I was hitting the ball well through the game. Before I knew it we went into extra innings. I was playing first base. In one extra inning they had no outs with two guys on and the score was tied. Our right fielder made an incredible shoe-string catch. The runners had been going and we had a chance to double them up. The throw to me was bad and it bounced on the ground past me. But the catcher got it and went to second base for a double-play. We got one more out and went into another extra inning. We had a total of three extra innings. In the final one we scored and we held them from scoring. I had the final ball hit towards me. I charged the high bouncing ball. I caught it off my chest and ran it to first for the final out and the victory.

We went to Red Robin for dinner. We were out there for a while. It was a great celebration. Our victory was big.

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