Coming in Second Place, Twice

October 11th, 2009

Because of our play yesterday we are still in the winners bracket going into play today. I went to get some food this morning, but I think I had more than I should have. My stomach was hurting. My ankle was hurting pretty bad too. Even with walking around it wasn’t getting a lot better. I walked to the gas station to get some water and pop, then back to the hotel room.

We got to our game location. We won the first game meaning we only had to win two more games for the whole thing. But we ran into the semi-finals. The team was from Chicago. I was put on the bench for the game because of my ankle. I was brought it in late in the game for a pinch hit and I got a solid single, but we were not able to keep the lead. We had a one run lead going into the final game and lost it quickly.

So then we were in the losers bracket. If we won our next losers game we would face the team that just put us in the losers bracket.

I was put back in as a regular player. My ankle was feeling well. I was hitting the ball very well. We batted around in each of the first two innings. We continued to hit the ball okay and kept the lead from wire to wire.

We went to the championship game against the team from Chicago. We could not hit the ball well against them. They hit it well against us. They would get the lucky bounces on both offense and defense. We just could not keep pace and they went on to beat us. We got second place in the tournament and we got tee-shirts.

When we got home I walked to the restaurant in the hotel for dinner. The others went out on the town, but with surgery tomorrow and the need to get up early, I chose to go to bed early.

I watched The Simpsons and Family Guy while waiting to hear from Ryan about the IM’s championship game. We were playing Kelly’s team for the competitive league champion. It sounds like we were missing our star outfielder and we put an infielder into the outfield. I am not sure how I would have done it differently, but we ended up losing the game, but we scored around twenty runs over five innings.

So today both of my teams ended up in Second Place.

I turned off the TV and drifted off to sleep.

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