Hanging with Keith

September 3rd, 2009

I went to the Three Pigs for lunch with Jon and Terry. We sat there and ate as well as talked about sports. One guy sitting in the booth next to us looked familiar. He was a younger man dressed nicely in formal work clothing. I think I have seen him at WSU in the past.

Today I was going to meet up with Keith and have dinner and watch the season finale of Rescue Me. I went to his place in Woodinville. We then went to the Redhook Brewery. We went on the tour. We got a glass and were able to have some beer as they explained about the history of the brewery and showed us around. The tour guide was energetic and good looking. One guy in the group was ten-six-seven. He looked like someone I have seen at WSU in the past, but he was from Chicago, so I doubt I had seen him before. I couldn’t stop checking him out.

Following the tour we had dinner and then went to Keith’s house. We watched Rescue Me. It was a good episode. It was left as a cliff hanger, or course. When that was done I took off. Keith gave me a hug and we made plans to have him come out to Pullman soon.

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