Rosalia Motorcycle Show

August 15th, 2009

This morning I headed up to Rosalia to work the motorcycle show. I was working it with one other reserve. I started by getting a patrol car from the office and getting some equipment loaded into it. I got to Rosalia and met up with the guy I was working with. He had come out of Spokane and just wanted to meet there. We staged at the fire station. We got the Rhino and drove down to the park.

I parked the car there in a visible location. Then we rode around the park in the Rhino. We chatted with some people along the way. We would wave and smile at everyone as we passed. It was very friendly policing.

We spent time going from the rodeo grounds through the camping area. Down to the fire station and then to the park. We would walk around the park and check in the beer garden. Some Goldwings were part of a drill team. The performed first on the main drag through town.

We watched that show from across from the fire station. The next thing was the motorcycle rodeo. When we got there we found our self a spot for parking. There were a lot of big burly motorcycle riders. Men of all sorts of different ages. At a distance I saw a potential ten-six-seven. He was a younger blond and he caught my attention. Unlike everyone else there he stuck out both because of the fact he was ten-six-seven, but also because he didn’t look like the others. He didn’t wear blue jeans and leather chaps. He was free of obvious tattoos. He was like the guy next door. He also did very well at handling his motorcycle. So for the rodeo I had something worth watching, other than the show itself. The rodeo lasted several hours. When it was done we went back to the main park.

We continued to make our rounds and talk with people and interface with people. While at the main park there was one more show of people on crotchrockets were doing stunts. They lasted a while. It was done inside of a small basketball court that was fenced. I guess the helped make those watching the show stay safe.

While sitting there I was surprised with another ten-six-seven. He came over in a group of other guys to watch the stunt show. He was a short haired blond with blue eyes. I wasn’t able to enjoy the scenery as long, but it was just as good as the first one.

The rest of the evening was pretty much the same. We did get called to a motorcycle accident, but it turned out to be minor. We cleared it and went back to the park. I was there until just after nine o’clock. It was pretty quiet most of the day. We didn’t have any problems the whole night. We had lots questions about wearing helmets, alcohol laws, and whatnot.

I went to the SO after clearing Rosalia. I got my tickets from two days ago written up and turned in. Then I went home and got ready for bed.

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