Twenty-Four Hour OT

May 3rd, 2009

I was going to be getting off shift when I got offered a twenty-four hour overtime shift. I was worried about missing softball and the autopsy that was scheduled for today. But I was able to go to the autopsy and the softball game was cancelled.

Pritch was working OT as well today. So we bought dinner for the shift. Bob and I were on the ambulance. The only call we got was during the autopsy of course. It was a call up on campus. We were not able to see the end of the autopsy and that is where they found the findings that showed the cause of death. Now I am only going to get to see the photos which are never as good as seeing things in person.

Overall it was a pretty quiet day. There were a couple calls in the middle of the night but they were both for the Deuce. So I never had to get up. That was good because I was pretty tired.

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