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February 2nd, 2010

After being with blogger since the beginning of the existence of my blog, I have made the switch. I didn’t want to, but Blogger said they were going to stop doing the FTP posts. That is the method in which I would put up my entries. So I first had to research the multiple blog systems out there and choose one. I was going to go with an ASP.Net version, but after finding WordPress and seeing the layout, I went with it. I want to have a similar look to my old blog as far as the right-hand sidebar goes.

I spent some time working on getting my blog backed up and moved into WordPress. That took some time and I had to fight through some issues. But it is done now and I think I am okay with it. One thing is I already received one spam comment. But I am going to keep them from being posted to my blog, I hope.

I also quit the web development stuff I had going. I pretty much submitted my first and last invoice for the sign up process. I then said I was giving my notice. I haven’t heard back from them. That surprises me. I figured they would at least try to find out what the deal was. I wrote some of my thoughts down about why I wanted to quit.

Specs from the company that are nothing more than screen shots. No direction about expected behaviour.

We are in a development period that I believe to be fundamentally detrimental to the overall final product. We are being told to develop the site, only to have a consultant group change some foundations to the site, which requires changes in multiple locations. These are such things that should have been done well before starting the site. In fact I asked about the free userlevel months ago and I was told it wouldn’t happen.

What I saw with the signup process worries me that people are not going to be willing to listen to ideas. Some of my suggestions have never been been considered and returned to me.

I had some initial concerns in this area. I spoke with several people who are elsewhere in the industry about my concerns and I got many opinions. Most of which I agreed with.

So I have been on edge over the above, but frankly Tim’s e-mail to me and multiple others about his inability to reach me after hours was the final thing. I tried to speak to David about it, but he has yet to return my phone call placed on Jan twenty-third.

I felt leaving while the sign up process was being completed was not the right thing to do. It is now complete (except for two images). I sent an e-mail to David on jan 30th about getting these two images. I have not received the images, nor an e-mail back. As of this time, I do not want to continue to wait for a response from David, I am sending all the code back, and someone else can insert the two images which will complete the sign up process… outside of the integration with the shopping cart (Page 5)….

Maybe they will ask, but I don’t know. I was disappointed by the way things were going. The money just wasn’t there. The payrate was good, but I was not seeing enough work and the work I was getting was being hurried and there was a lot of un-needed stress about getting things done on some random deadline.

I then spent time dinking around on the computer this evening. I also had training in Colfax today. It was actually in Steptoe for Colfax fire. I went down early and worked on some stuff at the SO, getting tickets written up and updating the hours for the month of January for everyone.

It is sort of a big day, I left a job, but it wasn’t like I quit because I really wasn’t doing a whole lot.

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