Good Training

February 15th, 2010

I spent most of the morning in bed. I think I am getting caught up from my last few days. I have been spending a lot of time working and not so much sleeping. I had the ringer on my phone turned off to get as much sleep as possible. It was very nice.

I got up just before one and started my day. I had to get the slings for the shotguns and the pizza for dinner for tonight. I went to Walmart and then called Phil about the slings. He said he found two of them in the reserve closet so he thought that maybe we wouldn’t need to buy any. He said I should hold off.

I called in the pizza order and then went to the fire station and worked on getting my the CPR babies put together. I went to Papa Murphy’s and got the pizza and dropped them off at the station. I decided to get one more and had one of the guys on the shift go pick it up.

I went home and got my uniform on. I started to cook the pizza. We were eating pizza and talking about our “training” for tonight. It was based on elevators and the keys for them. But that was just a ruse for the real training. That was going to be a drill that we would play off as a real situation in order to see what things we need to work on. It was also to be a wake up call for everyone to make sure we are not being complacent on fire alarms and calls.

What happened is the phone rang and the Lt. got it. He said the Captain got a call from Community Hall for the smell of burning plastic. We would go up there and people would believe that we were really going on such a call. He set up command as normal. Then after a bit he said they had a room and contents fire and they were working to get someone down the stairs. He asked the engine crew to get water and hook to the FDC. He had Rescue get the high-rise pack and respond to the North East corner. There were some issues doing things quickly and it took some time to get everything done. So it was a chance for us to see what we needed to do for the future.

I think everyone learned a lot. We have two hose packs for the high-rise. But the area is tight. When you pull the hose out it is hard. Parrish set them in a different way to see if it was easier. But as I pulled they got stuck on the gated wye. As I pulled it flew out and hit me in the head. I was wearing a helmet so it didn’t hurt, but it was good that I was wearing a helmet! We got the rig back in service and then did some walk through stuff of the FDC’s on a couple buildings around Community Hall.

We went back to the station and finished our dinner and did the rig checks. I have a first-round job interview tomorrow in Liberty Lake. So I am not going to stay up too late. I scheduled myself to be up there at ten o’clock AM.

I spoke with Kuhrt today and he told me they may need to hire a temp to work as a WSU cop for a year as one of their officers will be deployed. He suggested I send a letter of interest to the Chief if I am interested in doing in. I sure am. So I am going to talk to the Chief tomorrow about it.

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