Summer Softball Meeting

February 14th, 2010

I had a meeting with some of the guys for this upcoming seasons’ summer softball team. We met at Zeppoz at noon for that. We talked about the players we would have and that we want to play in a lot of tournaments.

After the meeting Christopher and I stayed up there and bowled two games. It was fun to hang out with him. He plays on my IM team and will be on the team is summer as well. I am excited to get out there and play some ball. The bowling went well for Christopher. I did my normal thing. I had some good frames and a lot of missed opportunities.

After bowling I went home and got my uniform on for working the road. I went to the SO and wrote a supplemental report for the search warrant. I hung out in the office for a couple hours helping out there. Then I went to the hospital for an Inmate who was taken there. I was at the hospital for just under two hours.

I went to Subway and got dinner and then I hit the road. I really only had just over two hours to go play. I hit the county roads near Pullman and worked SR two-seventy. I made a couple stops. I wrote one ticket on the night. As always it was pretty quiet when I was out there.

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