Keith’s House Warming

February 19th, 2010

I slept in this morning a little bit which was nice. I have been getting up at eleven to noon daily over the last few weeks. It is a dramatic change from getting up at eight o’clock daily.

I was all ready to go already so I just loaded up and headed to the SO. I had to write up two tickets I issued last night. Then I was off to Keith’s house for his house warming party.

The drive over wasn’t too bad, but once I hit the Seattle area it slowed down. It was five o’clock in the evening.

I got to Keith’s around six o’clock. I hung out playing with Apollo and chatting until people started arriving around seven.

As people arrived we hung out in the kitchen talking. Anton was talking about being a police officer. We talked about that for a while. Other showed up and we ate then started to play video games. It was a good time hanging out with Keith. I really like hanging out with him.

As I was driving over I was thinking more about my future. I am really enjoying being a cop. I have put in a lot of hours over the last two weeks since being first class.

I have been thinking more about being a cop and getting out of the other things I do. I have sort of gotten bored with the typical natural deaths we deal with as well as the drunk college students. Maybe it there were more fires I would be more excited about firefighting, but lately it had been SSDD. I am looking for more variety. But I wonder if police work will become boring to me at some point too.

I have thought about getting my ankle taken care of and then doing a lot of working out in order to be able to easily pass the physical agility test for being a cop, then applying at places on the West side where the pay can be as high as eighty grand a year, after five years. That is something I could live on. That would be a huge change in my life, moving from Pullman and doing only one job. But I know I could get on some softball teams over here so I would have that going for me.

I haven’t told anyone else about these thoughts, but I am going to explore them and see how things go with the career job at the fire department. I know if I did that I wouldn’t be the next coroner of Whitman County, but I feel like being a cop. That has been something I wanted to do for a long long time.

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