No Trip To Renton Today

February 18th, 2010

The plan is to drive out to Renton today. But before I got going I wanted to get some M&Ms and Diet Pepsi for Foster. He is back at The Deuce. I also got Reiber a custard filled donut. I delivered the stuff for Foster to the Deuce and got into a conversation with Dragoo while I was there. That lasted a while. By the time I was getting ready to leave it was nearly four o’clock, so I decided to stay in Pullman tonight and hit the road.

I went home and got my uniform on and then went to the SO to get a car. I wrote up my reports to get caught up and then hit the road. I went out twenty-six. I hit two-seventy. I stopped by station one to drop off Reiber’s donut. I wrote a couple tickets tonight.

When I was coming back to Colfax I saw a car that looked like it was driving poorly. I followed it and pulled it over. I was wasn’t sure about the alcohol usage and the driver admitted to drinking a couple beers. I called Brown who came up and helped me out. With his help it was determined the guy was okay. As we were clearing that we heard something happening in Colfax.

We went back to provide back up and search for a suspect. We were there for about an hour working that when the suspect was found and taken to jail. I called it a night and went home. It was a good night for me.

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