Another Night on the Road

February 17th, 2010

I got my bi-weekly column created and sent in to the Daily News. This week was about the death of the police officers and the shooting of them in the Puget Sound region since last October.

After I was doing getting that completed and sent it, I headed to Colfax to work the road. I got a message from BKunz who said he was going to be coming through Pullman today and wanted to see if I wanted to meet up. Of course I did.

I got some papers and started to serve those. I had one in Colfax, one in Endicott, one in Colton, and finally one in Pullman. I got them all attempted or served until the Pullman one. I met up with Brandon before I attempted to serve it.

He came in the area to help a cousin move to Lewiston. So we had dinner together. He looks as good as he always has. He is such a genuine and nice person. I met him about sixteen years ago when he was a freshman at WSU. He was my next door neighbor. We played softball together as well as other things. As it turned out, later in life we shared the passion for firefighting. He is now a full-time firefighter.

It was very nice to see him in person and hang out with him for a while. I hope this softball season we will get a chance to play together at least once.

Following dinner with Brandon I did my final paper service. Then I hit the road going various places. It was pretty relaxing.

When I was done for the night I went to the SO to complete my paperwork. Dan and Bryce were there. We talked about the Cougs for a while. I headed out after getting most of my paperwork done.

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