Long Day at PFD

February 13th, 2010

After only about two hours of sleep I made my way to the fire department to teach a first aid class. There were six people in it. It was a good group and I wasn’t as tired as I would have thought I would be. I had some Five-Hour Energy and pop to help out.

Upon completion of the class I got the stuff decontaminated and put away. Then I went to the Deuce to meet up with one of the new guys. I have heard some things from others and I wanted to talk to him about it. Mainly, he has no experience in the fire department, but does have some experience with some stuff in the EMS field. He doesn’t know some of the ins and outs of the fire services. One being that no matter what you knew in your last department you have to prove yourself in your new department. One thing that helps is listening to people whether you think you know what they are going to tell you or not. I wanted to make sure he understood this so he would fit in. I want to see him do well and if someone doesn’t tell him things then you can’t expect him to know them on his own. I incorporated this with some drive time.

When we were done with the drive time we got come rig checks done. It was a Saturday night, but it wasn’t crazy busy. We did run a couple calls through out the night, but for the most part it was pretty quiet.

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