Something About the Fauxhawk

March 15th, 2010

I drove up to Liberty Lake for a job interview. This was a follow-up to the test they had me drive up to do a couple weeks ago. I got a late start and I had to push it to get there on time. I pulled into the parking lot right at the time for the appointment. I interviewed with one guy. The nice thing is he was ten-six-seven. Something about the fauxhawk and the barley visible goatee, but the obvious soul patch. I had something worth looking at. But the interview itself went about twenty minutes. I pretty much told him what was on my resume, which was sitting in front of him, and he told me the same stuff I was told on a previous phone call. The point is it was pointless. Also based on the rate of pay, I am not going to be able to take the job. The pay rate is just too low.

After the interview I got some pizza from Rocky Racoco’s and went to Ryan’s house. We watched the Simpson’s and Family Guy. I played with Zoey a little bit.

I hit the road and make my way back to Colfax to hit the road. I got a call to St. John early on for a vandalism call. I went and took care of that. Then it was out to Endicott. I was there for a couple hours in total. I got a chance to learn the streets of the town a lot better and I drove around on them multiple times. I went off duty around midnight because I was going to have to get up early again to take my rig to Kendall Dodge. I am getting bored of bring it down all the time.

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