I Guess They Know

April 2nd, 2010

I had Matt from my reserve class riding with me tonight. I had a case that we went to investigate in Lamont. It turned out that nothing was going to come of it. We were working to get him an arrest so he could get up to the next level.

As we were driving he mentioned that he found my blog. I asked him how much of it he had read. He said that he read a number of entries and he didn’t read anything that surprised him.

I guess I am more obvious than I thought I was in the past. He said he thought most of the people in the reserve class knew. He mentioned that he was with a full-timer and they talked about it a little bit as well. It was the same guy who told me about what he did during the academy when he was in it with Joe.

I have to say that everyone has treated me very well and it seems that I had no idea they knew which shows that they have all been very cool about it. It has never been an issue. I told him that I keep the advise that Carter gave me years ago. If I don’t make an issue out of it, no one else will. So I told Matt more about things and how I feel about being gay. For all the jokes I make about Mike being gay, I wonder if he actually knows about me being the gay one.

It felt good to talk with Matt about it. It was fun to work with Matt. I have worked tons of hours with two other guys, so it was neat to see how someone else does their cop work.

We ended the night standing in the freezing cold waiting to get that final arrest. It never came.

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