Got it Done

April 3rd, 2010

I was supposed to work the Palouse Thunder football game but it got cancelled. So I was free to hit the road. I told Matt I would be working again tonight and asked if he wanted to try to get his arrest again tonight.

I picked him up at his place and we hit the road. Yesterday he drove and today I drove. We hit dinner at North Arches with Matt K. I was telling Matt how Matt K. always is joking around about stuff including tons of gay innuendo. I am happy Matt K. is comfortable around me to be able to do that. While eating something came up and a stream of jokes ensued. Including something about Brokeback.

We work on getting some of Matt’s cases closed and then did some traffic. We were going to work Albion for an hour when we were asked by Keith to do a roadside. We went to Pullman and I helped him with some computer stuff.

Then he said to go get Matt’s final arrest. I had an idea of what we could do. We went to Howard street. We saw a group of underaged people drinking and found one with a beer in hand.

Matt and I spent the rest of the evening in Pullman backing up Keith on calls and looking for some of our own stuff. Matt told me I was able to do something that none of the other full-time deputies were able to do — get him his final arrest.

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