Last Night of Regular Season

April 11th, 2010

After working all night last night and yesterday I left myself sleep in. I got up around eleven and got going on the day. I realized I need to get the rosters turned in to the city for softball, so I worked for a couple hours to get signatures from various people.

I went to the SO and did some patrolling. First I got my report completed from my arrest on Friday. I also had to get my tickets written up. Paperwork is the hangover of police work.

I went to my place and got ready for softball. Tonight is the final night of the regular season. We played one team and tied them. That sucked. It was only five innings because the time limit hit. before the game started I heard one guy on their bench say “oh it is that team”. They recognized us. I couldn’t hit a ball to save my life in the first game. The second game we won easily. I had a stand-up triple.

When we were done I went back on duty. It was slow. I did Tekoa time and drove on some county roads. I ended up making one stop on the evening.

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