Happy Birthday Partner.

January 4th, 2010

Melcher and I went out to work the road today. We went to Albion to try to arrest someone on a warrant. We were not able to get the person, but we thought the person was there, just we couldn’t get him. We did an hour of time in Albion. Then we went to serve some papers. I was starting to feel horrible. I got some pain killers and my headache was not going away.

We went to McDonald’s for dinner. As we sat there for about an hour I started to feel much better. We ran some traffic on Twenty-Six. We found a guy doing twenty-five over and was failing to yield at first. Finally he stopped. Melcher wrote him.

When we were done we went to My Office. I bought Melcher a couple beers for his birthday. As we sat there I saw this guy shooting pool. Looking at him I was thinking he was barely twenty-one. After a while of shooting he came over and asked me if I had a dip. He didn’t see me having any, I think it was just an off chance that I would have one. I gave him a dip and then he sat down with his friend. Both were ten-six-seven. The guy who got a dip from me was blonde and looked like he was muscular. We were talking about what they were studying at WSU and what not. When they asked what we did, I told them I am a computer programmer. Melcher said he worked for a local company as an advisor.

All four of us stayed talking until the bar closed.

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