It Has Been A While

April 8th, 2010

I got a text from Chia asking if I was going to the pancake breakfast. I told him no. I don’t like some of the politics behind it and choose not to participate in it. I have not done it since it has been done by the guys at the PFD. He then asked how things have been going because it has been a long time. I didn’t respond. Partly because I kept getting busy and just never returned a text. At the time I got it I was in a really bad mood. I don’t know what I would have said if I responded when he first got a hold of me. But as the night went along I started to get in a much better mood.

I worked at the jail. I was there for a while before heading for the reserve meeting. It was a short one because we were doing our monthly training on Saturday at the gun range.

I went back to the jail and finished out the shift there. Then I went down stairs and started on the road. Broadfoot was out there too. We were stopping cars for six over doing an emphasis on speeding. We were letting people know that even six or seven over is still speeding and they need to watch their speed.

It is interesting, it seems like I would send messages to Chia and it was like I always got a lukewarm reception. Ever since leaving my full-time gig at the PFD many of the full-time guys have drifted away from me. I use to get invited to lots of things now I don’t get invited anymore. One guy, Tim, who I wasn’t all that close to before doing full-time is one of the ones who I seem to talk to the most. The last few times I did anything with them it was because I would send a text to someone and I would get a response that they were out somewhere I should come by. But they were already there and I was an afterthought.

There is a divide between the career and reserves and now that I am on the other side I am not one of them anymore. I am probably being a big of a whiner and being passive aggressive about things. But up until Chia asked if I was going to the pancake feed I haven’t gotten a text from in a month.

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