Softball Tournament in Spokane

April 17th, 2010

I met up with Matt, Steven, Faber, and Steve to head up to Spokane for the Spring Fling Softball tournament. I picked up Christopher in Colfax and we made it to Spokane in about an hour and a half. Other started to show up little by little. I had thirteen guys in all. Some of them were former Nadirs as well as current Nadirs. It was our first tournament as a Nadirs team.

We knew something was up when the other team showed up in matching pants, shirts, and hats. It wasn’t long before we found out we were in the wrong division. We were playing in the B league which would have been fine in Pullman. But in Spokane we should have been playing D or maybe C. But really should have been D. In the first game we only scored two runs. We got ten-runned, but aside from the first inning where we let up six runs. We only let up two or three after that. We just couldn’t score.

Christopher got hurt running to first base and hitting the bag wrong. So we lost him halfway through the first game and for the rest of the day. We hung out between games at the field. We ran into GPa and we were talking about our placement. He said “Whoa” when we let him know what league we were in. His team was playing in the C division. So we were way out of our league.

We got to the second game and played another team we found out plays A league in Spokane. We played them tight. We finally hit the ball well. We lost by five, nineteen to twenty-four. That was a fun game. It was a great confidence booster for us.

After the game we went to Red Robin for dinner. We were waiting for our turn and a guy who worked there, Connor, was ten-six-seven. We had to wait for a while, but I didn’t mind. Ryan and I were texting back and forth about him. He said I should invite him to sit with us when he went on break. If I thought he was family I would have loved to. It was a nice way to wait around.

After dinner we headed back to Pullman. I got home and went to bed after ten o’clock PM. I was going to get up early for our consolation game on Sunday.

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