Number Two Rides Along

April 16th, 2010

It was nice and early and I was on my way to the jail to work dayshift. It was a long day in the jail. I did a couple rounds and spent most of the time in the control room. I was answering phone calls and opening doors. I couldn’t wait until four o’clock when I was going to get to hit the road. I had a rider scheduled for this evening.

Number Two, B-Wil, rode with me. He is an Intern who would like to become a reserve. He asked me a while ago to ride and it was his turn. I had promised my first ride to a different Intern. B-Wil got there and I got the form filled out for the ride. Then we hit the road. We made a stop of a car that one of the deputies told us had been speeding already. Because I caught him speeding I ended up writing him.

We went back to Colfax and I was asked by one of the part time Colfax cops to help him with a disorderly male at the city hall. We went there and spent about two hours dealing with that whole situation.

Then we got a radio battery for one of the reserves in Pullman. We dropped it off with him went to McDonald’s to have dinner with some of the other guys. BKoe stopped by and ate with us.

I ran some traffic on the Pullman-Albion road and then we headed up north. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road but we made several stops during the night. We called it a night right around two-thirty in the morning. With softball tomorrow it was a good time to call it a night.

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