Don’t Lie

April 20th, 2010

I spent the first part of my shift doing some follow up on two cases I was handed by the full-timers. One was a dog-bit in Oakesdale and the other was a trespassing in Pine City. I met with everyone I needed to and got statements. Then I did my own patrolling. It took me nearly two hours to get back to Colfax because I was stopping cars.

I went to lunch with Paul and Courtney. We went to Taco Del Mar. We spent time talking about the State Patrol and their upcoming hiring.

I went south on SR One-Ninety-Five, but it was pretty slow down there. So I went on the Pullman-Moscow highway. I stopped several cars. One thing is that if someone lies to me and it is really blantent, I am more likely to write the person. In this one case the guy said he works in Pullman. I knew he lived in Moscow, so I know he drives the road daily. He was doing eleven over. I was going to cut him a break, but he just was so dishonest about everything.

Then shortly after that another person doing eleven over did the same thing. This guy tried to claim he realized he was speeding and started to slow down, but really he was going fast until he saw my car and then hit his brakes. But bythen it was too late. Busted!

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