Spokane Softball Day Two

April 18th, 2010

I met up with Steven and Matt. We carpooled to Spokane. We had a single game today for the softball tournament. It was a consolation game because we lost the first two games.

I thought we might have a chance against this team because we played pretty well yesterday, but we couldn’t get the bats going too well. We had a couple innings where we scored a few runs, but they teed off on us.

While we were playing a guy who plays on Biesen’s men’s team. He came over shirtless. It was a pleasant sight. It was almost distracting… for me. He was pretty well defined and was worth looking at for a while. But he left and that sucked, because there went my eye candy.

After the game Ryan, Steven, Steve, Matt, and Faber all went to the Spokane Valley Mall for some lunch. We hung out in the food court eating and talking about major league baseball.

The tournament over all treated me well. I never ended up meeting with Todd, but there was good eye candy on both days to give me something worth looking at.

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