A Day at Colfax Fire

April 22nd, 2010

After getting packed I headed down to Colfax to work at the fire station. I made it on one call that came in while I was there. I was pretty tired so I went into my rig. Turned on my pager and went to sleep. I got about two hours of sleep before I had to be up for the meeting at the coroner’s office.

I got up just after five. I went to pick up the pizza. Then went to the coroners office. We had some dinner and discussed our cases from the last couple weeks.

I left Colfax to head to Seattle for training tomorrow. It was not that bad of a drive. The roads were pretty clear and I was able to cruise along. When I got home I watched some TV. I watched Trauma Life in the ER. Following that was a show called Critical Hour. It follows three or four cases along the length of the episode. One person they followed, I was watching. I was waiting for something to come of it. It was a football player who got hurt. When it was all done, they found nothing wrong and he was fine. It made me mad to watch the whole thing and have nothing come of it. It was like the story of Green Golfballs to me.

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