Lots of Softball Today

May 2nd, 2010

I met up with Matt and headed down to Lewiston to play in the softball tournament. We lost both games yesterday. We played with nine guys all day yesterday. The first game was the exact same. We only have nine guys. I ended up getting the nod to pitch. I have to say I did fine. No walks. It felt good to do that with Billy watching so he can see I have the ability and maybe I will do something other than just pitch. It was a close battle with the game going either way multiple times. But we ended up winning.

The way today was going to go is that we would continue to play until we lost, then we would be done. The second game we played against a team from Oregon. We actually played them really tight. They had a couple guys who liked to go up the middle a lot. I don’t like that so much.

In the fifth inning we switch to a five man infield. I went to first base. The final play with us on defense was a double play. With the ball being thrown into the dirt. I made a good dig. Once again I was happy to do that in front of Billy. I just don’t want to be stuck as a catcher all season.

We were down by two runs. Then we gave up a couple more and were down by six. We needed to score a lot of runs, but we were not able to scratch any out and lost the game. It sucked to lose that one because we very well could have won it.

I went home and worked on the alternator for the motorhome. I have to put a new one it. I worked for a while to get it unbolted and the electrical wires unplugged. They were all gunked up making it take a lot longer. But once I got it unplugged I could not get it out of the engine compartment because of how tight things are.

I decided to go get a new bolt to replace one of the one I took out. It is partly striped out and I don’t want to put it back into the new one. I drove around yesterday looking for a replacement, but I couldn’t find one. I am going to have to search more tomorrow.

The evening I got a text from Ross about working the road. I said I would. So I ended up setting up the DVR to record the Simpson’s and the Family Guy.

Before working the road I went to play some co-ed softball. We are supposed to play B-league this season, but our team was doing well. We won nineteen to one. It was a blow out. After seeing the score I am afraid Kurt may put us in A-league. We have got some new women on the team and they are pretty good.

When the game was done I went home and got into my county uniform and headed in to work. Ross and I hit the road. We went to do some time in Albion. I was letting Ross do everything and I just sat there because he is working to get to first class. We made several stops during the evening. We called it a night around one in the morning.

I stayed at the SO for a little bit longer and worked on a template for Rick. I was able to get it completed and tested it a little bit. It worked nicely.

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