Freak Snow Hits Parts of the County

May 6th, 2010

I headed into the SO to work in the jail. I went in a little early to. On my way out the Pullman-Albion Road I went by a car accident. There as a one mile stretch that was snow covered and nasty roadway. One firefighter was on scene and I asked if he needed help. He said no and I continued to the SO.

While at the jail Chia and I sent some text messages back and forth. He was happy I finally talked to him about what was going on. He also sent me a friend request on facebook. So he actually deleted me as a friend. I asked him when he did that. He said about four days ago. I haven’t accepted the friend request yet.

I wasn’t too busy of a day around the jail. I entered a couple warrants and I booked one person. The other part of the time I did some rounds and served dinner. I was in a better mood compared to yesterday, but it wasn’t a ton better.

I got off at about ten and headed home. I didn’t do much around the house before I went off to bed. I was tired and I needed to be up around eight in the morning to go to Blake’s going away party.

I still have not heard about the job yet, and I am very nervous about getting it.

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