The Day in Spokane

May 7th, 2010

I got up and made it to the fire station to head to Spokane for a goodbye party for Pritch. He is going to a new fire department. We went to Northern Quest Casino first. We played craps for a while. I don’t know much about it, but I did okay at first and ended up losing eighty bucks in my learning how to play it.

We grabbed some lunch and went over to El Patio. It is a hole in the wall kind of place the guys like. We played some pool and shuffelboard. We hung out there for a couple hours. Then it was off to Stateline. We watched the performers and it was a good time. Not really the kind of place a Mo hangs out, but I had a good time. While there I found some eye candy for me to watch. It gave something for everyone to watch. He wasn’t there all that long, but it was weird, it looked like he was there with his dad and grandpa. I wouldn’t want to go to a place like that with my family like that. At one point someone pulled up his shirt. That, of course, didn’t bother me. It was simply more eye candy for me.

We left around six to get back to Pullman in time for me to be at the fire station by eigth o’clock PM. I drove back Richards’ truck and Chia was with me. Today was good with him. After a little bit of time it was like we were back to normal. I am glad I wrote him the message the other day. It made for a better day today. I had a good time hanging out with him and the others.

Chia and I had a good talk on the way back and spent time talking about the sheriff”s office and his interest in being a reserve. I think it would be cool for him to join up.

When I got home and I went to the Deuce. I was talking to Chuck and Pauly. They were giving me a hard time about knowing if I got the job and I told them I didn’t know. They thought I knew but was told not to tell anyone. But they did not believe me in the slightest. The funny thing is no one believes me. I was asking them how long after the interview they found out. I have heard people say anything from an hour after the interview to a week later. So I am not sure what to think. I wish I knew.

But I have been thinking about it. I am not sure if I will stay a reserve past this month. If I get the job that I will leave the reserves to be full-time. If I don’t get the job part of me would think it would be time to leave the reserve program. Just on principle alone. I wouldn’t be very happy to continue to be there if I was not hired. But if the decision is based only on the interview and nothing more, it could be bad for me. Only time will tell. Needless to say I am not feeling good about things right now.

So today was good because I had a good time with the guys in Spokane and I had a chance to be with Chia and get past things, but I am pretty stressed about not knowing what the future holds. But as I always say, thing happen for a reason. If I don’t get the job it will be for a reason. Only time will tell.

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