Didn’t Get Pullman Fire Job

May 9th, 2010

I was turned down for the career job at Pullman Fire. I knew my interview went poorly, but I had hoped all the work I have done would not be over looked. It was. I don’t want to do anything rash, but I have to get a full-time job soon, I think I am at the point where I will take one no matter where it takes me.

I am not sure how to approach the chief about this. I think I will just ask what I could have done better or what about my interview made it so I was not accepted.

I just want to crawl in a hole right now and tie one on. But I have to work tonight at the fire department. I would rather not. I would rather take the evening off.

But I think the long of the short of it is that I need to think. I need to sit down and really consider my next path. I need to consider Whitcom. I need to contact them and let them know that I would like to be seriously considered up there.

But as I have always said, there is a reason for everything. At this time I cannot understand what in the world it would be. Maybe this was supposed to push me to the West side. Maybe this was to push me back to computers. Maybe this was supposed to push me into law enforcement. I just don’t know.

I am going to keep the course for now. I am going to continue to work as I always have. I am going to not do anything rash.

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