Summer Men’s Softball Season Starts

May 11th, 2010

I had a couple phone interviews today. One of them didn’t go well, but the other one was going better. I am actively searching for work in the Seattle area now. I need a job and I want to get into computer programming again. I know I can get on some softball teams. So, I may be Seattle bound in the next couple months.

I went to the fire station to find out where HazMat training was going to be held tonight. I also had a chance to talk to the guys on B-Shift. They said they were disappointed I didn’t get the job. They were hoping for me to get it.

Around six I headed to station one for HazMat training. But it was moved to the Deuce. I went to the Deuce and we went over some new testing kits we got for some biological agents.

Then I went to the softball field for our first men’s game of the season. We have had three rain outs. But tonight we were going to play.

I had a bad time pitching. I threw thirteen pitches. Only one was a strike. Then I went to first base. We went on to win the game. I had a hard hit ball down the firstbase line. I took a step or two and stuck my mitt out. I snowconed the ball. I could see it starting to move out of the mitt. As it started to fall free I barehanded it with my free hand for the out. I got a lot of people cheering me on for that. Even some people on the other field saw it and made good comments.

Hitting was a problem. I had two good hard hits. I finally hit a double like I did a few years ago. A solid hit to right-center field in the gap. It felt good. I hope to do that a lot this season.

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