Oops, No Sleep for Scotty

May 22nd, 2010

This morning was cold and windy. I had a softball game first thing in the morning in Moscow. I am playing in a softball tournament. We were doing well on the first game and at one point had a lead of nearly twelve runs. But as time went on we allowed a lot runs for the other team. We were not scoring like we should have been. We soon gave up the lead and couldn’t win. We had a one game break and then played again. We won that game. Then we had another break of two games. We played again in Moscow. It was not to be. The rain started to fall. We were all getting wet and it was already cold. We lost the game by getting twelve runned by the Coor’s Light team.

When the game was done I told Matt I would work the road with him. I want to help the guys who need hours to get out there. I got my uniform on and Matt came over to pick me up. It was a long time since I put that thing on. We got to the SO and got the car ready. It turned out my map book and log book were in the car still. It has been nearly a month since I last worked. That car only got two hundred miles on it in the last month.

Just after I got to the SO, Cooper came into the Chaplain’s office where I was getting equipment. He closed the door and asked me what was going on. I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to tell him. He told me that if I have a problem that I can and should come in and talk to the guys. They are there for me. He said that a lot of the guys had been asking about me. They wondered why I hadn’t been working. They also saw I wasn’t quite my normal self. It is clear that he was good about keeping my wish of not telling people about my situation. He said Rick wanted to know what was going on and Cooper kept it quiet. I was very happy about that. Talking with Cooper was very helpful for me.

Matt and I went to dinner with everyone and then went to Albion to work there for an hour. We headed towards Pullman when my phone rang. It was the jail and they wanted to know where I was. It turned out my graveyard shift that I thought I was doing tomorrow night was supposed to be tonight. That royally sucked. I hadn’t slept since the morning. I wasn’t going to get any sleep at all and I knew that would mean I would be up for a long time. Also, because of all the softball on Sunday I figured I wouldn’t get a lot of sleep and I would be hurting.

I went home and put on my jail uniform and headed in. I was working with Brett. I was doing well for the first several hours. But as four o’clock in the morning was rolling around I was starting to get really tired. I had to be there until six in the morning. It sucked.

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