Indian Jail Birthday Theme

May 21st, 2010

This evening I headed down to Eddy’s for the goodbye party for Ken. We were having dinner and dessert. We had some stories about Ken and he told us about the latest in his life and his family. Pete said we were going to frame an on-call schedule for Ken, but we couldn’t find one that he was on. Everyone started to crack up. That was a good roast. At the end of the meeting we talked about my situation at Pullman Fire. Annie and I spoke for a while longer outside. She is such a super great person. I love working with her. She said that when the time comes and Pete retires she would love to see me become the next coroner. She said she would help me in any way she could to help me do that.

Then I headed up to Zeppoz to hang out with Mitzel at his birthday party. It was his fortieth. The theme is a jail theme. People dressed in orange. They got Mitzel black and white stripes to wear. We laughed and jokes about the theme. I had a chance to talk with several people from the gang while I was there. It was nice to get a chance to hang out with everyone. I left around eleven to get home so I could get up early for softball tomorrow.

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