First on a Double Fatal

July 16th, 2010

I was patrolling this afternoon. It was going to be a shorter day because I had to work the fire department this evening. I worked the Wawawai / One-Ninety-Four area for a while. It was slowish. I about just over an hour before I was going to check out of service. I figured I would go to Albion and work there for an hour.

As I was was traveling past the pumps on Twenty-Seven I heard my radio come to life. The dispatcher started to say “Dispatching Fire District Twelve, Pullman Ambulance, Delta Response…” I was thinking to myself that it was going to be in my general area because I was in the D-Twelve area. The dispatcher continued “… Injury accident Four-Six-Four-One Pullman-Albion Road.” I was just over a quarter mile away. I hit my lights and went to the scene. I checked out just seventeen seconds after going en route.

I was first on scene by a long shot. On my way the dispatcher said it was a motorcycle versus vehicle accident with obvious injuries. I didn’t know what was meant by that. I figured that it could be anything from a minor cut to something worse. When I got there I gave a size up. I knew it was very serious by the way people were standing around and by the way the scene presented itself to me.

I gave a size up and then I got out and checked out the injuries and gave an update for the ambulance. I grabbed my gloves and started to work in an EMS role. Once the ambulances showed up I did a face to face with them and went into cop mode. I met up with some of the other deputies who showed up.

At the Back of an AmbulanceStanding at the back of a Pullman Ambulance

I spent the rest of the time on the scene doing cop stuff. I helped with the measuring of the scene and finally helped get the road re-opened.

I went to the funeral home and met up with Pete and Annie. I took an opportunity to exam the injuries to better understand what had taken place. Because of the motorcycle wreck I was going to be last getting to the fire department. I had someone cover for me. It turned out he covered me the whole night.

I spent some more time on the road and helped picking up a runaway in the North park of the county.

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