Good Thing it was Just a Party

July 23rd, 2010

This Friday I decided to work the road tonight. I decided to head up north. There were several people working the roads. I chose to run some traffic on the Pine City-Malden road. I was inside Pine City reading through my RCWs watching as cars went through town. All the cars going through were all doing the speed limit. Many times during the day I find people flying through town.

I saw one vehicle pulling a boat trailer. Because other cars were going through I watched their speed. Then I noticed the boat trailer had turned on Stephen Road. I couldn’t tell if there were tail lights on the trailer so I tried to catch up to it. I wasn’t able to. While driving down Stephen Road I saw Hole in The Ground road and thought to myself that I hadn’t been down there in a while. I didn’t find him.

I went back to running traffic. I had two trucks about half a mile apart come through town. The second one was speeding and it stopped next to me. I was told the other truck had been shooting from the road over the property of the people in the second truck. I tried to run down the first truck. I let Whitcom know what I was doing. A couple other deputies started to come my way. I told them what way I wanted them to come in. I was unable to find the truck. I talked to the RP some more and closed out the case.

I went back to Pine City with the other deputies. We talked about what had happened. They left to go find some more action and told me to have find in Pine City. I bid them farewell. I got back into my position and then I decided because of how late it was I was going to not run any more traffic.

I went to Hole In The Ground. I thought I may find the person who was doing the shooting. While going out there I was worried about how well the radio would work. Also I was thinking that if there was a guy shooting down there I might want to be careful.

As I was going along it was dark and I was surrounded by trees and a small narrow gravel road. I was thinking to myself how I wouldn’t want to run into some devil worshippers having some huge conference. It was pretty desolant out there so I had no idea what I might run into.

As I was going down Belsby Road I could see the reflectors of a lot of cars and I saw a fire. I was thinking to myself I found something and I had no idea what it was. I came closer to the bridge and I saw the fire was on the bridge. There was a red SUV next to the bridge and several people around the fire. I radioed that I was out with the fire and made contact.

As I was walking up I saw a beer can on the SUV. I said aloud “probably not tha best place for a fire.” One person responded “Should we put it out?” I said “that would be a good idea.” I saw another pile of beer cans and beer bottles.

After the fire was put out I started to talk to the people around the fire. I interviewed them one by one. One guy admitted to buying the beer and four others who were under age admitted to drinking the beer. So I had four criminal offenses. I gathered the information and sent them on their way.

I went back to the Sheriff’s Office and talked to Cooper about what I did and what my findings were.

Part of Article from Whitman County Gazette

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