Forced a Playoff Game

July 20th, 2010

Tonight’s softball games were both must-win games. First against TLC Green Sox then the Bomb Squad. The TLC team was not that big of a deal. They have been nearly an automatic win for us each time we faced them. The Bomb Squad game was different. They have gotten better as the season has gone along. In fact they were one of three teams that beat us.

But the game against them was close. The score didn’t make it look close, but we scored some padding at the end of the game. Up until then it was close each and every inning. But by winning the game we forced a one game playoff against Coors Light for the league championship. It was pretty awesome for that to happen. This will be the first time we have a chance to take first place against Coors Light in several years. They have really been very strong for several years.

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