Late Night Poker Party

February 27th, 2009

I went down to the station after I got off work in order to meet with the sub-committee for the new facility committee. We outlined out a plan of action for the upcoming meeting. We are going to put together a Powerpoint presentation to help us get through all the items we need to cover.

During the meeting Gollnick called and asked if I wanted to play poker. I told him that I did. So we set up a game for the evening hours. Because of when John would be done going to the school fair with the kids he wanted to start around eight-thirty.

I invited others to come over as well. We had a little game that lasted for several hours. It was about two-thirty in the morning when the game finally broke. Chiavaras came over. Over the last year John, Chia, and I are always bantering about him playing poker with us. Every time we would have a game we was unavailable to play with us. Tonight was the first time he was able to play.

I ended up losing a couple bucks along the way, but John brought some beer and Chia brought pizza. I was able to chow on pizza and have a couple beers in place of the money I lost.

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