BKoe’s Birthday Celebration

August 22nd, 2010

I spent much of the afternoon watching some TV. I was trying to get my DVR emptied. Around six o’clock I went to Zeppoz. BKoe was celebrating his quarter century birthday. We bowled a couple games. I did alright. By the last game I getting the highest score. While bowling we were buying BKoe lots of shots. I got him something that I thought would be gross. I got Jager and Goldschlauger in a shot mixed together. Then I got him an Everclear chaser. He didn’t think the gross shot was that gross. Maybe his taste buds were already shot.

I did an HGN on him and he was showing the effects pretty obviously. I videoed it so he could see it for himself.

When we left I watched some more TV trying to burn through more of the shows. I also started to watch a couple episodes of QaF. It has been showing on Logo. But they are doing some editing. It is not in its full effect that it was while it was on Showtime. But it is fun to relive it.

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