Intern Mock Scenes

August 21st, 2010

I went to the WSU Police Station to meet up for the Mock Scene’s that I am helping with for the Interns. I was playing a suspect in a couple different scenerios. I was having a lot of fun with it. I would pick on something about the officer and then try to get to them through my verbal attacks. One short guy came up with his partner. I looked at him, then he partner, and said “Is it Take-Your-Son-To-Work day?” One guy I was telling him I slept with his girlfriend. One guy I kept calling Ponch. I really was having a lot of fun.

When I was done there I went to the SO and worked the road. I started by washing my car. Then I went to St. John to serve some papers. But right when I got there I was called to Tekoa to be a backup for a call for a possible gun call. I got there and it turned into nothing. I then went to the SO. While there we got called to La Crosse. But just as I got going on that. I got diverted to Little Goose Dam for an illegal fire. There was no fire to be found. I ended up getting my car extremely dirty.

I ended the night with some traffic stops. It was pretty quiet for the most part for me.

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