Made it to Boise

September 3rd, 2010

After getting a phone call this morning I decided to get up and start my trek to Boise for the ASA Western National E softball tournament. I got my stuff packed into the truck and headed down Ninety-Five. It was a long trip. It was about a three-hundred mile trip, but getting stuck behind slow car after slow car sucked. At one point I was stuck behind a string a cars for nearly thirty miles. It was a sucky trip.

When I got in I went to the hotel and checked in. Then I went to the field and get checked in and had my bat approved. As it turns out it barely made it through the testing process. They have a machine and my bat didn’t make a sound on one spot and barely made a noise in two other spots. But it passed. I guess the less sound it makes the hotter it is. My bat might not be able to get used next season.

I went to dinner with Bruce and his family at Cracker Barrel. It was my first time there. It was good food. When I got back to the hotel I chatted online with Jonathan and Gunnar. I had a great conversation with Jonathan. We haven’t chatted much recently. We talked about gay relationships. He has a very solid one and is to the point where some time he may choose to get married to his boyfriend.

I am getting more open with Gunnar and more willing to talk to him about subjects that made me uncomfortable in the past. I think I am finally getting to the point with him that Nick was telling me about. Nick told me that it takes time but as you are with someone longer you get to the point where you are comfortable around them to the point where your modesty goes away and you are more of who you are.

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