More Pump Training

September 12th, 2010

I slept until around four in the afternoon after going to bed around eight in the morning.  I met two of my new guys to help them with Rescue pump training.  It was a continuation from the training we did last Friday.  It was just less instruction and more hands-on for them.  They are both doing very well.  They need to get to know the equipment location on rescue a lot better though.

We did rig checks following the training.  It took around two hours to get that done.  I went home and watched TV for most of the rest of the evening.

Before rig checks I went to Tesoro for some pop.  They had a deal for ninety-nine cents for any size pop.  I was charged full price.  I pointed out it should be at the sale price.  The lady said that they didn’t mean to have the largest size included in the sale and they were going to put a sign up stating that.  But I said right now it is not up and the sign says ninety-nine cents.  So I went and grabbed my refill cup and came back in.  She said that I could have the one that I already poured because there was nothing she could do with it.  I refused it and poured a new one, leaving the old one sitting on her counter.  If that is the way they want to play, then they can eat the losses on it.  I was mad.

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