Poker at Newport Shores

October 22nd, 2010

I spent most of the working day at the office working on a small side project to help out one of the developers.  I also was working on a migration script for the databases.  I got one completed and a second nearly completed today, but I have one more thing to do on it. 

I ran all my scripts and they ran without an error.  Now we can do some more in-depth tests on them.

I had to put almost twenty hours in the last two days to get caught up on the week.  I usually like to put in my hours early in the week and then have more free time later in the week.  But this week I was getting stuff done in Pullman during the day.

I went from work to get dinner then down to the club house to play poker.  I was doing pretty well, but the table got so full we were playing twelve handed which makes it hard to play a hand unless you have something good because you know someone else DOES!  They have a ten dollar max bet/raise, so you cannot really scare people off when there already is a hundred bucks in the pot.

I started to lose pretty bad and I was getting ready to go around two in the morning.  I wasn’t having a lot of fun because there were just too many people at the table.  And to top that off at the end this guy who is always drunk showed up.  He slows the game down and just is clueless a lot of time.

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