Well Traveled Mo

October 26th, 2010

I didn’t arrive at work until around nine-thirty in the morning.  I wanted to get some stuff done with the SQL scripts towards the end of the day, so I stayed until around seven.  I debated on making a trip down south towards the Tacoma area to visit an old roommate from my college days, or whether I should just go straight home.  I know his boyfriend was out of town and he wants me to come down and visit.  But it is a very long drive both ways for a short visit to watch some TV and chat.  So I decided to go home.

After dinner I watched the end of NCIS and I watched the Rockford Files as I got into a conversation with a WSU Student who is from the Middle East.  He struck up a conversation with me yesterday and we are just continuing.  He is easy to talk with.  I am amazed that English is his fourth language.  He writes very well.  I kept forgetting that he was not a native speaker.  He is a gay guy.  He has lived all over the world.  He said back in his home country it is illegal to be gay.  That is just crazy to think about for me.  I had to get to bed, but he asked if I was interested in meeting up in person.  I know he has no desires other than friendship.  For me I am interested in learning more about what it is like in other parts of the world.  I think it will be great to chat with him some more.

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