What Gym To Join

October 25th, 2010

I have spent some time online looking up various gyms.  I want to join one that has a swimming pool that is not just crazy packed.  I went to Twenty-Four-Hour Fitness.  Their pool is actually shorter than the twenty-five yards I was looking for.  There were a couple ten-six-seven’s working out, but overall it seemed pretty packed inside and the parking lot was crazy full.

I then went to LA Fitness.  I got a tour around there.  Yet more ten-six-sevens.  I think they may have been a couple more.  Possibly because of the time of night or just the younger crowd.  But it would be a place I wouldn’t mind getting a workout done. 

They also have a twenty-five yard pool.  Parking is free and it is a little more open.  Their stuff is spread among multiple floors.  I didn’t make any commitments to either place, but I figured I would think about it and look for some good deals before I make a decision.  I am going to go back to my salesman and see if I can workout something a little better.  I am torn whether I want to pay to be able to go into multiple locations of LA Fitness or just stay at this one.  The way I see it, this one is the best location for me to get to after work.  I thought about seeing the one in Renton just to make a more informed decision.

The biggest thing for me is the swimming pool.  If I didn’t care about the pool I would just join the one close to where my parents live.  I had worked out there before.  It did the trick for me.

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