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November 1st, 2010

It was a very busy weekend and I got back to a busy work.  I was already running low on sleep and I had to cut it short again this morning because of getting in late and needing to be at work this morning.  The traffic was bad so I bypassed most of it by taking surface streets. 

Work was work today.   Nothing really to write home about.  But I did get my Touch Pro taken care of.  Josh, a guy I work with, said he could switch over the hardware in my phone to the one that had the good screen.  It took about fifteen minutes in all.  Then I had my Touch Pro working again!  I now have a battery that will last more than about ten minutes.  I have a nice phone again.  I am stoked about that.

I was at work until almost seven thirty.  The traffic was pretty light and I was getting almost every green light on the way home.  It wasn’t like that when I started the day.  It started as a bad Monday.  It seemed like there were all sorts of problems and little fires I was dealing with.  It was sucking.

At home I had a quick bit for dinner and watched the Rockford Files.  It was weird while I was making dinner I almost dropped it, due to my cat-like reflexes I caught it before it hit the floor.  Sometime after that and starting to eat I got this blinding sensation in my eyes.  It was like I looked at a super bright light.  But this was not going away.  It was so back I couldn’t see what was in the middle of teh TV screen.  I had to look somewhere else to see what was in the middle.  This slowly went away over the next thirty minutes.  It was weird to look at my computer monitor and not be able to see what was in the middle of it.

Then after that, I don’t know if this was related, I had a slight headache that would only show itself if I coughed.  And then it was only in one small area near the front left above the eye.  It was a sharp pain that would go away as quickly as it would come on due to a cough.  It was weird.

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